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November 26th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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The judge-phantom

Now to be spent check of one interesting case which has occurred in court of October area of Grodno…?
4.03.2002 the civil case under presidency of Judge Podoljanchik A.I. should take place. The Judge was ill. Business is postponed. Participants of process have gone home. Things do happen.

But as it has appeared under documents, in particular under the report of judicial session from 4.03.2002 signed by judge Podoljanchik, 4.03.2002 judicial session of court has passed with success. The judge explained all present the rights, duties, resolved petitions, the claimant, respondents, the secretary of judicial session all it acted wrote down.

Here such affairs. Participants of process sit on houses and under documents at this time they it appears conduct dispute in a judicial hall.

Can it is valid there are parallel worlds.
While one are ill, houses sit, other -are doubles (from the parallel worlds) manage justice under their names.

And can all is easier – the judge has shirked, but for an alibi has made lime record. From the given report follows, that it not the shirker, and the worker and 4.03.2002 has spent all this day in court, in sweat of the person managing justice.

We hope that competent bodies will understand the abnormal phenomena occurring in the regional centre.

Valery Levaneuski

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