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October 29th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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The post card from detention centre of October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno, the chamber №3

We result the text of the letter of Valery Levaneuski to the vice-president of Grodno regional executive committee Radevich A.M.

To the vice-president Grodno regional executive committee Radevichu A.M.


Levaneuski V.S..


Temporarily I contain under administrative arrest

detention centre of October District Internal Affairs Department  of Grodno, Karbysheva street 3, the chamber №3, ph. 44-01-29

The invitation to dialogue continuations


Dear Alexander Mihajlovich!

11.10.2002 the meeting about which I asked you in the letter from 9.10.2002 has not taken place. Instead of a meeting, 22.10.2002 I have been involved by court of Lenin area of Grodno in administrative responsibility of 15 days of arrest for the organization of not authorized meeting 11.10.2002 under Grodno regional executive committee.

I do not know yours it is the initiative, or Savchenko (to put me in prison for 15 days), but problems so do not dared.

I hope, attraction me to administrative responsibility, it is not the answer to our request for carrying out of negotiations and the organization of meetings. Many questions cannot wait and they should be solved today. Otherwise new large-scale protest actions of entrepreneurs are possible.

Since administration of detention center, most likely, will not let out me till 7.10.2002 on any meetings, I suggest you to discuss ours collected problems in detention centre of October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno (the chamber №3) during any time convenient for you.


Yours faithfully Valery Levaneuski

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