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October 30th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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Daily routine for administratively arrested in detention centre of October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno. Conditions of the maintenance eyes of the legal expert. With comments.

Now the leader of the Belarus entrepreneurs, the chairman of republican Strike committee, legal expert Valery Levaneuski serves time in the form of administrative arrest in detention centre of October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno. The judge Natalia Grigorevna has considered, that Valery has made an administrative offence, and «on October, 11th, 2002, in time from 11 o’clock 58 minutes till 13 o’clock 02 minutes near the house №14 located on street Ozheshko in Grodno, was the organizer of not authorized meeting» and has appointed to him the maximum punishment on p.2 item 167-1 of administrative code of Belarus – 15 days of administrative arrest.

Today we publish a daily routine on which should live administratively arrested with Valery Levaneuski’s comments.

Internal daily routine:

1) Lifting 6.00
2) the Conclusion in a toilet 6
3) the Breakfast 7
4) the Conclusion to work 8.00
5) Cleaning of premises 8.00 – 10.00
6) the Dinner 13.00 – 14/00
7) Arrival from work 16.30
8) the Supper 17/30 – 18/30
9) the Conclusion in a toilet 18/30 – 19/00
10) Cleaning of premises 19/00 – 20/00
11) the Release 22.00

At once that fact pays attention to itself that in a daily routine there are columns (№2 and №9) a conclusion in a toilet. The matter is that in chambers there are no toilets and there are no washstands. Administratively arrested deduce in a toilet only two times a day. In the rest of the time they should be emptied in a bucket which costs directly in the chamber. In the chamber all the day there is a “terrible” stench. The chamber is not aired. Chambers in detention center are five. At the specification 3-4 persons – in the chamber contain to 20 persons and above. People from the chamber deduce by turns. On the chamber 5 minutes are taken away. There are only two booths of a toilet. On the person it turns out less than minute for emptying and washings of hands by cold water. Hot water in detention center does not happen. The soul also is not present. Baths do not happen. Therefore the majority administratively arrested is scratched, and from them the proof unpleasant smell proceeds.

On all in the chamber only one mug and a bucket with water. All in the chamber should drink from this mug. Full unsanitary conditions.

For work “political” are not deduced, though under the law are obliged. Valery many times demanded to employ it, but in it to it is given categorically up. It is compelled to sit all time in the dirty, crude and dark chamber.

In the chamber it is dark, windows are hammered by six and a lattice, one dim bulb, darkly, as in a cellar. Walks are forbidden.

A food is not so qualitative also is given out its dirty hands by prisoners.. Medical inspection in detention center practically is not present.

Here such we have detention centers. How here to be re-educated. In a daily routine even there is no such concept “educational work”. Radio and the TV are absent, newspapers are not present. A toilet paper, soap, a tooth-brush, paste and other sanitary articles do not give out, beds are not present, and sleep all on dirty to a floor, having nestled to each other since only sideways it is possible to find room on a floor twenty persons on the area in 12 square meters. Bed-clothes, mattresses, a towel, a pillow in detention center are not provided. Clothes on many arrested persons dirty, publishing a strong unpleasant smell. In what whom have brought, in that those and go. Some – without socks and cowards.

Valery Levonevsky has made corresponding complaints to bad conditions of the maintenance in Office of Public Prosecutor and District Internal Affairs Department of October area. Whether will reach?

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