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December 1st, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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Heads of strike Committee have visited political prisoner Markevich (photo)

Heads of strike Committee have visited political prisoner MarkevichOn December, 1st, 2002 heads of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski and Alexander Vasilieu have visited a place of serving of punishment of the editor-in-chief of recently closed oppositional newspaper “Pahonya” Nikolay Markevich.

Let’s remind, that Nikolay Markevich is condemned by court of Lenin are of Grodno for 2,5 years for criticism of the working president of Belarus A.Lukashenka. The given criticism has been estimated by Office of Public Prosecutor as the insult of the president with excitation of criminal case concerning journalists Nikalay Markevich and Paul Mazhejka.

Representatives of strike Committee of entrepreneurs were present practically at all sessions of court.strke Committee of entrepreneurs are considered by criminal prosecution of journalists decided and contradicting common sense.

Considering that prosecution of heterodoxy and the independent press has got mass character in Belarus, it is possible to draw a conclusion, that oppositional mass-media gain in strength and start to disturb those who is afraid of open discussion.

When the authorities will understand, that it is impossible to close newspapers and to put in prisons journalists for criticism!?

First sign of crisis of the power is a terror against oppositional mass-media.

But we will return to a meeting.

Nikalay Markevich has not lost courage. He is assured of the correctness, continues to plan on creation of the new newspaper, and writes the book. But there are problems: the undermined health and absence of money. There is no money for a subscription of newspapers. Nikalay Markevich often refuses to himself in meal, but buys newspapers.

Let’s remind that from the Ministry of Internal Affairs the condemned should pay for a food, residing and other services. If will not pay, can receive additional term and appear in more strict mode of the maintenance.
Such people are a geno-fund of our nation. There are not enough of them. They should be supported.

As to strike Committee of entrepreneurs we always respected Nikalay Markevich’s position and its newspapers “Pahonya”, especially regarding an openness and development of the Belarus language. Yes, we oppose ideology and methods of action present BNF. But we always respected the entrepreneurs, the journalist, Citizen Nikalay Markevich though sights at us can be different.

To 01.12.2002 Nikalay Markevich have allowed seeing us on a small time interval. For what we are very grateful to administration of special establishment since we had possibility to have a talk with Nikolay in “neutral” territory in local cafe “At a fountain”.
Nikolay has explained that deprivations have not broken him. Markevich considers strange that fact, that till now anybody from management of BNF (the Belarus national front) and his colleague on the Supreme body of type of A.Lebedzka have not found time to visit him in the conclusion. But he all the same waits for them and is glad to each meeting.

Really, friends are learnt in a trouble.
It is very important to support such people as N.Markevich. For journalists, for all who can and wishes to visit Nikolay, we give its address of serving of punishment:
The Mogilyov region of Osipovichi, street Sumchenki 38, room 430 Nikolay Markevich, bodies. Of the person on duty 02-235-249-43
Co-ordinates of a place of serving of term of Paul Mazhejko: Zhlobin, Region №3 h.3, room 208 .8-02334-207-02 (204-52)

Press service of Strike committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus


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