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December 16th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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Entrepreneurs of Belarus make political demands

As it was informed earlier, on December, 19th, 2002 in Belarus there will pass national strike of entrepreneurs. Strike is caused by that towards improvement of development of small entrepreneurship the Government and the President of Belarus do not undertake what changes. The new project of the decree of the President of Belarus which considerably worsens conditions of activity of entrepreneurs is ready.

The notice on strike it is sent in all interested state governing bodies.

Feature of the given strike that along with 18 economic requirements a number of the political is put forward also:

1. Resignation of the President and the Government of Belarus.

2. The termination of prosecution of journalists for criticism A.Lukashenka.

3. Clearings from jails of journalists N.Markevich, P.Mazhejka, V.Ivashkevich.

Some markets will not work completely, some – partially. Strong counteraction of the authorities, special services and the pocket “enterprise” organizations which try to break strike affects.

Not looking at it, on preliminary data, in strike of 19 December, 2002 will take part more than 40.000 entrepreneurs from, practically, all cities of Belarus.

The greatest activity, as always, is expected in Grodno, – cradle of strike movement of entrepreneurs in Belarus.

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