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December 17th, 2002. Posted in News from Belarus

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The notice on strike

Entrepreneurs have made political and economic demands. Statements are directed to Administration of the President and Ministerial council of Belarus. We result the notice text.

Administration of the President of Belarus


Ministerial council of Belarus


To heads executive and a power legislature


To heads of mass-media

The notice on strike

We inform you, that because by the Government of Belarus, by ministers, heads of bodies of a local executive power completely ignores legitimate rights and interests of individual entrepreneurs, Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus following Decisions are made

1. About carrying out of national precautionary one-day protest action – strikes of entrepreneurs 19.12.2002 (Thursday).

2. About carrying out of term less national strike of entrepreneurs with the termination of payment of taxes and other payments in the budget since January, 1st, 2003.

3. About informing of interested bodies on the given strike.

The basic economic requirements of the striking are:

1 Non-admission of deterioration of working conditions for entrepreneurs.

2. The announcement of the moratorium on any changes of the decree №12 from May, 17th, 2001 «About introduction of the uniform tax from individual entrepreneurs and other physical persons realizing the goods, works (services) ….»

3. Non-admission of introductions of cash registers for the individual entrepreneurs paying the uniform tax.

4. Reduction of rates of the fixed uniform tax twice.

5. Rent reduction for one workplace twice.

6. An establishment of legislatively minimum size of a trading place in 10 sq.m. (for the persons paying the uniform tax)

7. Cancellation of obligatory certification and hygienic registration on the goods realised in the markets (except for the children’s goods and products).

8. Reduction of cost of obligatory certification and hygienic registration by the goods realised in the markets in 3-6 times.

9. Reduction of terms of obligatory certification and hygienic registration by the goods realised in the markets for bodies, making hygienic registration and certification. The maximum term on these purposes – is two working days.

10. Increase in action of certificates till two years (except for products).

11. Cancellation of customs registration of the goods with Russia for the persons paying the uniform tax.

12. Cancellation of restrictions in 50 kg on the goods imported from other countries.

13. Registration cancellation in tax inspection of the waybills connected with transportation and storage of the goods. The goods account by transportation, storage and realisation should be conducted in any order.

14. Installation of the lowering factor of the uniform tax in 0,5 for the persons realising the goods own or domestic production.

15. Reduction of rates of the maximum penalties on administrative offences for citizens and individual entrepreneurs to 5 base sizes (25 euros).

16. Social insurance of entrepreneurs and payment in pension (and others) fund it should be carried out from the uniform tax.

17. The general number of payments of the individual entrepreneurs connected with enterprise activity (taxes, rent, etc.), should not exceed the sum equal to average wages on the country from one workplace.

18. The beginning of real negotiations with Strike Committee of entrepreneurs and representatives of other enterprise structures and initiative groups.

The basic political requirements of the striking:

1. Resignation of the President and the Government of Belarus.

2. The termination of prosecution of journalists for criticism A.Lukashenka.

3. Clearings from jails of journalists N.Markevich, P.Mozhejka, V.Ivashkevich.

Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski

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