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March 27th, 2003. Posted in Author's articles

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Discharge from power Sadam Hussein corresponds to the state interests of Belarus

On the night of Thursday, war of the USA and the Great Britain with Iraq on March, 20th has begun. War is malicious, it is death of people, it is always bad, and nevertheless, it has begun. In war, as a rule, each of the parties considers itself right, here and now, in statements of belligerent parties opposite estimations of this military conflict are given.

Even in the Western Europe, in the countries with the settled democracy, some politicians oppose wars, others for it. The president of Belarus A.G.Lukashenka has already repeatedly expressed Saddam Hussein’s support and Belarus Member of Parliament Nikolay Cherginets in article «About political immorality» predicts «Total defeat coming» (the newspaper the Soviet Belarus from 25 March 2003).

And still. Who in this war of the rights? George Bush or Saddam Hussein together with A.Lukashenka? Whether is it so bad, that war has begun right now?

How to understand this question? First of all, who is at war?

The USA are a democratic country where the president is selected by the people where there are independent branches of the power where independent mass-media where the president is under the control from the congress of the USA and all society. Meetings passing today in the USA and demonstration testify to it.

Iraq is the country where Hussein usurped the power; he is the dictator who has destroyed opposition to the mode, ready to use any weapon if only to be kept at the power. At such mode meetings and demonstrations you will not spend, at such mode probably only unanimous approval, it is unimportant that, differently terror.

The world one states constantly vary, collapse – there are others, one countries weaken – others amplify, there are new threats to mankind – distribution of the weapon of the mass defeat, new unknown illnesses, terrorism etc.
After September, 11th, 2001 it became clear to all world, on arena there was one more threat – aggressive, gaining in strength, Islamic terrorism which will not stop before anything. The USA -is the country where the important political decisions are not fastened on one person, there problems are discussed openly. But, as it seems to me, for the majority of politicians of the USA, after September, 11th, it became clear: It is necessary to do something! It is impossible to wait while terrorists will blow up a nuclear bomb in the centre of New York! And if to undertake nothing, it and will be, a question only when! For anybody not a secret, that today already many countries possess the nuclear weapon and through certain time, thanks to such dictators as Saddam Hussein it will necessarily come into the hands of terrorists.

In the reference, on March, 18th, the American president George Bush has told: «Instead of powerlessly being dragged to tragedy, we choose a safety way».

War is very bad but if to sit and to do nothing, will be even worse. America does not presume a role of the passive observer, there many the far-sighted politicians having the right to vote, understanding, that waits America and all world if nothing to undertake. Bush in the reference speaks: «In 20 century some preferred to pacify dictators bearing destruction, it was allowed to whose threats to grow to a genocide and world war». Really, if to be basically against any war then it would be necessary to all to surrender to Hitler, and war would not be, but there would be no also many people.

By and large, America protects not only from forthcoming threat of destruction, but also all world, including Belarus.

Notice, after the war beginning, dictators in other countries «begin to fidget» in the armchairs, have felt for themselves threat, and all are covered with people name.
Acting on March, 21st on BT, he on behalf of all people of Belarus of A.G.Lukashenka has declared complete support of a mode of Saddam.

Saddam Hussein is supported by 101 % of inhabitants of Iraq. How many percent supported any dictator? We know, as a rule, it about 100 %. We will recollect Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc. How these percent “were provided”? It is known – by terror! As these percent in Belarus “are provided”, we know not by hearsay.

«Begin to fidget» and ours A.G… He loses friends. Milosevic is already in the Hague prison, on turn Saddam. It is fear to dictators, the turn approaches!

If to speak medical terms such dictator as Saddam Hussein can be compared to an appendicitis in the sharp form in a human body where “person”, it is all planet. Yes, appendicitis removal is connected with blood, with risk, with intervention in an organism, loss of unnecessary body (appendix). But what to do, if this «the purulent appendicitis» can lead to death of all “organism”? It is necessary to delete. Today the USA carry out a role «the world surgeon» and it is heavy, expensive, but work necessary for all mankind. The USA could wipe about all cities of Iraq together with their inhabitants in a current of several days. But they are at war not against the people of Iraq, and against Saddam Hussein’s mode. That spoke, it is available aspiration of the USA to avoid unnecessary victims among the peace population, more weeks go bombardments, and losses among the peace population of Iraq are minimum. It is a question of hundreds people. During the Second World War sometimes for one bombardment some honeycombs thousand persons perished. For example, at bombardment of Dresden. The destruction of each person, is tragedy but if today not to stop dictators, distribution of the weapon of mass defeat, terrorism, tomorrow from hands of terrorists will perish millions in what not guilty people.

Thereupon it is necessary to recollect, how someone regretted in due time, that has given “Poplar”, as though they now “were useful” to him. Fortunately them not to return any more, and that it would wave» with them in protection of Iraq.

The majority of Belarussians oppose any dictatorships, as and another’s.

In connection with the above-stated I consider:

1. A.Lukashenka’s statement in support of a mode of S.Husejn – it is not opinion of the Belarus people, and personal A.G.Lukashenka’s opinions. In Belarus actions in support S.Husejna, A.Lukashenka is not carried out.

2. Neither I, nor thousand my supporters did not authorize citizen A.G.Lukashenka to declare from all people of Belarus support of a criminal mode of Saddam Hussein.

3. I consider, that citizen A.G.Lukashenka “has changed” the state interests of Belarus on personal, and discharge from Hussein’s power Sadama corresponds to the state interests of Belarus.

4. Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus supports fair actions of the government of the USA on overthrow of a criminal and antinational mode of Saddam Hussein.

5. Strike committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus wishes:

- To the government and army of the USA of the prompt victory, with the minimum losses.
- To the Iraq people of the prompt clearing of tyranny to generate own representative government, to construct democratic institutes for protection of the rights of all Iraq citizens.


Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski

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