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April 1st, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus is arrested

On April, 1st at 10.00 Valery Levaneuski intended together with group of entrepreneurs is going to transfer in the Government and Parliament the letter in which it was offered to cancel recently published decrees and the decrees of the President worsening conditions of activity of entrepreneurs. As it has appeared Valery already the group of capture consisting of employees of militia and persons in the civilian, not established departmental accessory waited.

At 10.10, as soon as he has come nearer to the Government building, he has been arrested. Valery Levaneuski together with son Uladzimir delivered in Soviet District Internal Affairs Department of Minsk. In 2 hours Valery has been delivered in court of the Soviet area.

Judge Ruslan Kozodoev has decided to appoint litigation to April, 2nd, 2003 at 12.00 and prior to the beginning of litigation Valery Levaneuski to contain in the chamber of detention centre (with vagabonds and alcoholics). As witnesses of charge Leonoviches and senior lieutenant Hilko who also testified on courts over organizers of the National march acted the major of militia. In the beginning of judicial session Valery Levaneuski has declared to the judge tap in connection with infringement of his rights to protection – to the entrepreneur have not allowed to conclude the contract with the lawyer. Judge Kozodoev has not accepted tap. The court over the entrepreneur lasted an hour. After a break, at 14.00 the judge declared a sentence – 15 days of arrest (bodies. (017) 270-91-42) for repeated infringement of item 167 of administrative code within a year. The arrest reason was that Valery was one of organizers of a national march «For the best life» (on March, 12th 2003.).

Valery Levaneuski and his adherents consider the given actions of the authorities, as political punishment. Not in forces to solve any problem of the state a ruling mode untwists a flywheel of reprisals. Today tens political opponents are arrested. Tomorrow there can be hundreds and thousand.

On behalf of the people, ostensibly in the blessings of the people of A.G.Lukashenka struggles with any heterodoxy.

Press-service of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus

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