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April 3rd, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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Valery Levaneuski continues to serve time

Valery Levaneuski in the form of administrative arrest in the chamber № 13 in united distributor of Minsk and the Minsk area which is located Minsk, First lane Akrestin 36 (further detention centre) continues to serve time.

Let’s remind that the entrepreneur has been arrested on April, 1st 2003 in 10:00 about the Government House.

This day it was planned:

1. Transferring letter to Ministerial council of Belarus and to the Republic House of Representatives;

2. Organization «round table» with representatives of National Meeting and the Government, on the one hand, and enterprise structures, on the other hand.

All interested parties have been in advance in writing warned.

Since 9.30 01.04.2003 about the Government House entrepreneurs began to gather. However employees of militia “dispersed” any congestion of citizens more than two persons.

Nearby 10.00 01.04.2003 (Minsk, Independence square, street Soviet 9) tried to approach to the Government building the leader of Strike Committee of entrepreneur of Belarus Valery Levaneuski. However he has been stopped by employees of militia and without explanations is arrested together with the minor son. They delivered in Soviet District Internal Affairs Department of Minsk.

In District Internal Affairs Department to Valery it has been explained, that he is arrested for participation in meeting 12.03.2003, which passed in Minsk from 18.00 till 19.00ч. On area of Kolas and in the further procession from 19.00 till 19.30 under F.Skoriny’s prospectus.

01.04.2003 in 13.00 V.Levoneuski has been delivered in court of the Soviet area of Minsk. There Valery has declared the petition for a case deviation, in connection with necessity:

- To receive legal aid;
- To conclude the contract with the lawyer from of Grodno;
- To remove copies of documents;
- To prepare explanatory on case.

The judge Kozodoev R. V has satisfied the petition, but in very “perverted” form, namely, has postponed trial on case on 02 04.2003 on 12.00, but has thus prolonged term of detention of V.Levaneuski in militia till the legal investigation moment in court, to 12.00 02.04.2003.

There are questions: «How, being in custody in Minsk in« a bag »of District Internal Affairs Department of the Soviet area of Minsk, it is possible to conclude the contract with the lawyer who is in Grodno? How it is possible to remove x-copies, being in the chamber? How it is possible to write explanations if have taken away even the handle? » The court explanatory has not given.

Apparently from the above-stated, the court in infringement of Constitution RB, civil-remedial code RB began to obstruct in, that:

- V.Levaneuski has not received legal aid;

- V.Levaneuski was not prepared for a legal investigation.

As result of wrongful actions of the judge V.Levaneuski have been kept in “bag” almost till the morning 02.04.2003 The note: “bag” -is cold with street temperature, the dark chamber, the size 1 on 1.2 meters with a small concrete shop on which it is possible to sit only. Then V.Levaneuski was delivered in detention centre, there he have been kept till 9.00 02.04.2003, then have been delivered in Soviet District Internal Affairs Department Minsk, whence in 12.00 delivered in court of the Soviet area of Minsk. (The judge Kozodoev R. V)

In court V.Levaneuski has appeared unshaven and not slept since conditions for a dream and reduction of in an order to him it has not been given. Minor son of Valery Levaneuski Uladzimir has been compelled to get home in Grodno without the father.

On court 02.04.2003 there was Lyudmila Grjaznova, representatives of “Charter-97″, social movement the Bison », representatives of mass-media, Embassies of the USA and others.
The court has begun that V.Levaneuski has declared tap to the judge because that creates to him obstacles in legal aid reception. Besides, V.Levaneuski considers that the judge does not have necessary legal and professional knowledge in the field of remedial and administrative law. The note: the judge should give out to V.Levaneuski the summons in court on 02.04.2003 and to release home till next session. At removal of definitions 01.04.2003 about carrying over of case and increase in term of arrest, should be presented motivated part of definition and time for their appeal is presented. Or it was necessary to specify, that definitions are not subject to the appeal. That has not been made.

The judge has consulted to himself, tap to him has not accepted. The court has been continued.

V.Levaneuski has told to court that is very glad to the direct participation in the action 12.03.2003.

Simultaneously he has explained that anything illegal in the given action is not present. The right of participation in meetings and processions is guaranteed by the Constitution of Belarus. Any lawful interdictions for meeting and procession carrying out 12.03.2003 around area of Kolas are not present. The constitution of Belarus did not give the right to the Minsk city executive committee to limit the rights of citizens to carrying out of meetings and street processions. The executive office has the right to define an order of carrying out of such actions only. But V.Levaneuski’s these and other arguments are disregarded by court.

V.Levaneuski’s petition for carrying out of experiment and removal of judicial definitions concerning employees of militia is left without consideration. On all, it was visible, that the decision on the given case was accepted not the judge, and for a long time already, long before Valery Levaneuski’s detention. The court in Belarus is an appendix to enforcement authorities.
The maximum official penalty has been assigned to V.Levaneuski – 15 days of arrest. Term is estimated from the moment of detention that is 01.04.2003. With 10.00. Term of administrative arrest comes to an end 16.04.2003 in 10.00

Press-service of Strike Committee of Belarus

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