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April 7th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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Report of information from the chamber № 13

As it was informed earlier, Valery Levaneuski has been condemned 02.04.2003 by court of the Soviet area of Minsk for 15 days of administrative arrest.

Administrative arrest in Belarus is a mode of the maintenance condemned worse, than in prisons.

Administratively arrested appointments, viewing of telecasts are forbidden, it is forbidden to listen to radio. Bedding does not stand out; to sleep all are obliged on a floor. A food for arrested persons disgusting – is tea, porridge and soup of not clear taste.
To persons who contain under administrative arrest, walks are forbidden; they should to sit all term without a conclusion in the chamber. Complaints of the persons containing under administrative arrest, are not fixed.

On April, 2nd 2003 in 16.00 Valery has been surveyed by the doctor the cardiologist. Because Valery did not sleep more than days, he felt not very well, and first aid has been caused. The doctor ascertained a high pressure (200 х 130). 3 pricks have been made and it is recommended to pass survey of the urologist, the oculist and other doctors. And, recommendations have been given in writing. However, employees of militia as of 07.04.2003 refuse to carry out these recommendations despite Valery’s oral and written requirements.

02.04.2003 V.Levaneuski has been delivered in united distributor of Minsk and the Minsk area to the address: Minsk, First lane Akrestina 36.

Doctor on duty, having examined V.Levaneuski, has refused flatly to accept it in b distributor ecause of the raised pressure on what she has informed the person on duty. The person on duty on distributor has informed above. The Doctor on duty has invited to phone and five have talked to it of minutes. The doctor again surveyed Valery and has declared to it, that it is absolutely healthy. Here such treatment by phone.

As of 06.04.2003 V.Levaneuski has written 8 various complaints and the statements connected with its maintenance, but to it refuse both in the answer to these complaints, and in their registration (do not inform registration number). Valery Levaneuski hopes, that its statements will be registered and considered. The detail can learn at Dmitry Filippovich (8-0296-48-04-54).

Press-service of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus

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