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April 29th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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The Levaneuski has met the Polish ambassador (photo)

The Levaneuski has met the Polish ambassadorValery Levaneuski (chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus) has met the ambassador of Republic Poland in Belarus within the limits of action to the devoted constitution day on May, 3rd.

29.04.2003 in Minsk, in a building of the International educational centre (Minsk, the prospectus of the Truth 11) has taken place the actions connected with the National holiday of Republic Poland (the Constitution day on May, 3rd).
The ambassador of Republic Poland Tadeush Pauljak the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Belarus, representatives of various embassies, armed forces of the different countries, representatives of parties and public associations of Belarus, representatives of many mass media, representatives of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, representatives of small and average entrepreneurship in Belarus have taken part in the given action, many other things the known organizations and citizens. In total in the reception organized by embassy of Republic Poland, have taken part more than 300 persons.

All present were congratulated on the Holiday «the Constitution day on May, 3rd» by Republics Poland the ambassador of Republic Poland and the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Belarus. After their greeting the toast for the Constitution day on May, 3rd Republics Poland which was supported by everything, without an exception has followed. Within the limits of the given action meetings and friendly chats of ambassadors of the various countries, on the one hand, and representatives of the Belarus public organizations and politicians of Belarus, other party have taken place.

At meetings questions of mutual contacts and possible cooperation in various areas between the organizations and the governments of the different countries, business contacts and other questions were discussed.


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