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February 3rd, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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Court over Sergey Abadouski (photo)

Court over Sergey AbadouskiThe court over known legal expert Sergey Abadouski has passed in Grodno 3.02.2003 at 16.00 (October court of Grodno, an office №8, judge Podoljanchik).

In the summer of 2002 the customs has confiscated 210 copies of the Belarus political refugees in Poland «Emigrant” from Sergey. The transported edition has been specified in the customs declaration. The edition is issued by one of Sergey’s three sons who have received a political asylum in Poland. Edition confiscation, according to Sergey Abadouski, was spent with essential infringements of norms of the Constitution of Belarus, laws of Belarus, the international obligations of Belarus. Today this question at issue considered court of October area of Grodno. The court is transferred on 14.02.2003 on 11.00.

Active participation in consideration of the given question has accepted Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus.

Let’s remind, that judge Podoljanchik, according to the chairman not registered Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski, is the expert in a tightening of cases and faking of remedial documents. Judge Podoljanchik was already punished by higher instances, on request of Valery Levaneuski for current legislation infringements.


 Court over Sergey Abadouski

Court over Sergey Abadouski

 Court over Sergey Abadouski

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