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February 16th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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In Valery Levaneuski’s apartment the night search has been conducted and the property is withdrawn

At night since February, 15th for February, 16th, 2003 in apartment of Valery Levaneuski the search has been made. Valery Levaneuski has returned from Minsk where he had been reached the arrangement between all basic enterprise structures of Belarus about carrying out of joint protest actions in February – April, 2003, including in the National March «For the best life» on March, 12th, 2003.

At an input the house and about the apartment employees of militia crowded, in apartment when Valery already has come some employees of militia, the inspector and the photographer waited for him.

The search has begun at 22.20 and has ended at 00.15. A search was supervised by Valjushko Gennady Viktorovich from District Internal Affairs Department over of Grodno. The printed matter has been withdrawn From Valery Levaneuski with the decree of the president of Belarus №4 and the multiplying technics (risograph). On Valery Levaneuski’s numerous requirements to employees of militia to leave apartment, Valery was refused. To Valery it has been given up in a presentation of the sanction of the public prosecutor on a search and in motivation of a search. The report of withdrawal of property has not been given out to Valery Levaneuski. The inspector of Leninski District Internal Affairs Department Myagkov Maxim Anatolevich has written out the Decision about a search on a place (in apartment), approximately, at 22.30 15.02.2003. In delivery of a copy of the Decision about a search to Valery it has been given up.

Visit of militiamen to Valery’s apartment has been carried out with certain violence concerning his elder son Dmitry. He left apartment on the affairs, militiamen who waited for him about apartment doors, force have selected at him flat keys and, without his consent, have opened a door in apartment, without an explanation of the reasons. The house and Valery Levaneuski’s apartment have been surrounded by employees of militia. In a consequence one of militiamen has explained, that the search is spent under the order on duty of District Internal Affairs Department of Lenin area of Grodno. And it is in spite of the fact that night searches in Belarus are forbidden.
In total in a search and a round-up on Valery Levaneuski took part about 10 armed employees of militia.

All actions of employees of militia, in opinion of Valery Levaneuski, are illegal. Valery regards a search and confiscation of property, as attempt of the authorities, to affect a course of the complaints connected with illegal refusal in registration by candidates in Grodno and the country councils of deputies Levaneuski Valery and his son Dmitri Levaneuski.

Valery Levaneuski has revealed rough infringements and falsifications of the report of the selective commissions. He is convinced, that the reasons of the night and not authorized searches consist, including, and in attempt of the authorities in “pressing” on Valery Levaneuski, and also are provoked by his given reason complaints to illegal actions of the selective commissions and active participation in preparation of the National March «For the best life» on March, 12th, 2003.

Press service of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus
Ph. 8-0296-313062, 8-0296-726119, a fax 8-0152-313062

The note: «night time» according to the current legislation of Belarus – time from 22.00
Phone on duty of Leninski District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno – 79-70-44

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