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February 20th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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Protest action in Grodno

On February, 20th, 2003 in Grodno there has passed protest action of entrepreneurs. Protest action was spent by Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus. Considering that circumstance, that the action did not prepare in advance, on its preparation one day it is possible to consider the action successful has left only.

All the matter is that on February, 20th, 2003 in Grodno there passed extraordinary session of deputies of the Grodno country council of deputies. The basic question of session is a statement of new rates of the uniform tax according to the decree of the president №4.

18.02.2003 to Strike Committee of entrepreneurs became known about time and a place of carrying out of extraordinary session, and also that rates of the uniform tax will be actually increased.

In this connection there has passed extraordinary joint session of presidium Republican Strike Committee of entrepreneurs and Grodno Strike Committee. At session the Decision on carrying out of protest action 20.02.2003 which included, local strike of entrepreneurs 20.02.2003 and an exit of entrepreneurs to Grodno regional Committee 20.03.2003 by 11.00, with promotion of representatives of entrepreneurs for participation in session was accepted.

Considering, that on preparation of such action it is necessary not less than two weeks following figures of participation of entrepreneurs in the given action were predicted: about 30 % of Grodno striking in from the general number of entrepreneurs of the markets and the person 20-30 nearby regional executive Committee. The result has surpassed even the most courageous expectations. In Grodno striked more than 70 percent of entrepreneurs. The most important market “Southern” has been filled only for 5 percent, in the Central market – the bottom platform (trade in things) did not work completely, the markets worked partially. In total worked no more than 20 %of entrepreneurs of Grodno from ten thousand paying the uniform tax. Worked, basically, foreigners and people who did not know that there will be a strike.

To regional executive committee has come about 300 entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have demanded to put forward the representatives on session of the Grodno country council of deputies. Valery Levaneuski has postponed the visit to National meeting to participate in the Grodno action since considers it as more serious action, than a meeting with deputies of National Meeting of Belarus as at a meeting with members of parliament there will be not less worthy entrepreneurs who can defend the rights of entrepreneurs.

Come to regional executive entrepreneurs asked to put as forward representative Valery Levaneuski. In what gathered he has been given up by employees of militia. After consultations with, the chief of Leninski District Internal Affairs Department has agreed about promotion of any two representatives, except Valery Levaneuski.

The gathered have started to be indignant. But Valery Levaneuski has voluntary refused leadership in this question for the sake of overall aim achievement. Then all have offered Alexander Vasilieu’s nominee. The chief Leninski District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno, having thought, has declared: «Any representatives, except Levaneuski and Vasilieu. They are too politized». Gathered after consultations of Valery Levaneuski and chief of Leninski District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno have offered two “not polarized” representatives, two casual people, one of which works in market “Southern” of Grodno and another – in market “Central”. Have received the consent. Sessions will allow to these entrepreneurs to address to or not, whether it will affect the decision of deputies, will show time. One is for certain known, that carrying out of strike, has already allowed to lower outlined rates of the uniform tax to 10 percent from the outlined.

As of the moment of drawing up of the given report of information session of deputies of the Grodno country council continues work.

Press service of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus

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