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February 27th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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Meeting in protection of the economic rights entrepreneurs (photo)

Meeting in protection of the economic rights entrepreneurs27.02.2003 in the city of Minsk meeting of entrepreneurs in protection of the economic rights of entrepreneurs has taken place. It is the first meeting organized by in common earlier clashing structures of entrepreneurs: by Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, Region Public Organization the “Private property”, being in a registration stage public association of entrepreneurs “Prospect”.
Not looking at that the Permission to meeting has been given out only one day prior to meeting, the frost and the working day for entrepreneurs and other difficulties, meeting has taken place. On meeting was present by different estimations from two hundred to three hundred persons.

Strike Committee considers, considering all circumstances that action has passed not bad. It is first our joint action with those enterprise structures with which we had until recently essential contradictions. We absolutely different structures, but have united, having stepped over our disagreements, for achievement of our general of the purpose – of protection of the rights of entrepreneurs.

On meeting the following Resolution has been accepted:

The resolution of meeting of entrepreneurs of Belarus

We, the entrepreneurs of the Belarus who has gathered for meeting, mark the further deterioration of conditions of development of a small-scale business in our country.

The imperfect and inconsistent legislation, high taxes, huge penalties, confiscation of property at entrepreneurs to formal and far-fetched signs, unreasonably high rent – here the basic obstacles in development of small and average business in Belarus. Many of businessmen began to be engaged in a small-scale business from hopelessness, the state could not ensure functioning it, worthy wages, the minimum conditions for existence of their families. Employment by a small-scale business for them is a unique chance to survive and support the families.

On level of incomes the majority of entrepreneurs are beggars. Ten thousand entrepreneurs were already ruined. Rates of the uniform tax were made even to average real wages. Rent 1 sq. m. of the trading area is equal to cost of rent of apartment.
Last innovations of the country leaders – decrees №3, №4 and the decree №42 from January, 27th, 2003 do small-scale business development impossible. The state has ceased to be the guarantor of employment of citizens, observance of constitutional laws of citizens, small-scale business developments. The state policy reminds today a policy of the occupational authorities in territory of Belarus during the Second World War. Actions of the government, supervising bodies and power structures remind actions of armies of SS which applied tactics of “the burnt earth” in relation to the peace population. Their principle: “main thing” to snatch »today, and tomorrow – the grass not to grow”. The legislation allows today any entrepreneurs on “the lawful basis” to ruin and make absolutely poor, that is to select all its property.

We will protect our property, our families, our rights and legitimate interests any means accessible to us within the limits of the current legislation. For these purposes we begin a series of protest actions. The following protest action which will pass on March, 12th, 2003, will include one-day national strike of entrepreneurs and participation in the National march “For the best life!” (12.03.2003 beginning at 18.00 on area of Kolas). Also we begin preparation for national termless strike with non-payment of taxes since April, 1st, 2003. Our requirements are:

- For infringement of the Constitution of Belarus, for drawing of a damage to the budget of Belarus, the rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs, for negligent attitude to the official duties we demand resignation and bringing to account:
Prime minister RB Navitski
The minister of trade Kulichkau A.N.
Minister of Labour and Social Protection Morovoj A.P.
Minister of Taxes and Tax Collection Sumara K.A.
Directors of Department for entrepreneurship of Ministry of Economics RB of Lihachevskogo A.J.
The assistant to President RB Tkacheva S.P.on economic questions

- To cancel decrees ³18 2002 years, №3 and №4 from January, 27th, 2003, the decree №42 from January, 27th, 2003;

- As the provisional measure – to return the decree №12 from May, 17th, 2001;

- The rate of the uniform tax, a rent, and penalties should be comparable to average wages in the country and not exceed level of 20-30 % from level of average wages;

- To declare the moratorium on checks from supervising bodies, leaders to confiscation of property at entrepreneurs and to penalties on formal and decided to signs;

- To develop the new law on a small-scale business which will be clear, simple and fair, considering interests, both businessmen, and the states.
It is accepted on meeting on February, 27th, 2003, Minsk

Photo: a meeting fragment

Press service of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus

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