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January 4th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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Daughter of Valery Levaneuski is detained

4.01.2002 in Lida by the employee of militia of Internal Affairs Department of Lida and Lidsky area minor daughter of Valery Levaneuski Ekaterina Valerevna (30.03.1987 date of birth) at 9.40 has been detained. Her, against her will, delivered in police station, and, by any private car where have illegally withdrawn the passport and tried to select a mobile phone by means of rough physical strength, forbade to call.

She has had time to phone about it to father.

The child have kept more than 4 hours, have forbidden to receive legal aid, did not feed, forced to giving of explanations, tried to “close” illegally in the receiver-distributor. Only after her father has arrived in Internal Affairs Department she has released.

It has appeared, that all fault of the child consisted that she with girl-friends distributed leaflets with congratulations happy New Year signed by Valery Levaneuski. These actions if to trust the report made on her, have caused a damage state both to a public order and legitimate interests of citizens.

Valery considers, that the daughter has detained specially, for the purpose of pressure upon it as on the political opponent of the present power.

Upon false arrest, illegal actions of employees of militia, infringement of the rights of the child the complaint is submitted to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Grodno area

Press-service of Strike Committee of Belarus

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