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January 20th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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The Grodno entrepreneurs declared one-day strike

On preliminary data in strike will take part more than 4.000 Grodno entrepreneurs. We lead the text of the reference to entrepreneurs of Grodno.

22.01.2003 one-day precautionary strike of entrepreneurs.

Dear entrepreneurs!

For many of you again there are questions: What to do? How to live further?

The government and the President present all of us new and new “gifts” in the form of the next acts. Numerous supervising structures under these acts spend more and more refined checks in which course at the expense of confiscations and penalties holes in the state budget are patched.

Entrepreneurs are laid down in such conditions, what even at all desire they not in a condition to execute all that is provided by constantly varying legislation. Already today each entrepreneur is compelled to hold on a workplace the whole bale of the papers confirming acquisition of the goods, waybills, certificates, TTN etc. They, nevertheless, do not relieve it of threat of penalties and confiscations as at existing position always it is possible to cling to something.

It is available full incompetence the authorities. Primitiveness of thinking does not allow them to realise, that material benefits will appear, if citizens work, first of all, for the blessing. For the present power it is inaccessible to understand, for them – that has seen, has selected. You only listen, with what genuine pleasure announcers of BT inform on confiscation of the goods as they like to select and divide as various supervising bodies are proud of for what big sums they have confiscated the goods. Also notice, thus speak about any civilization.

Dear colleagues, since January, 15th “spot-checks” of controllers of all colors on the markets and roads of Belarus have amplified. So on January, 15th on a state traffic police post in Ivies at group of Vitebsk entrepreneurs it has been confiscated the goods approximately for 15000 euros. Under messages of entrepreneurs, on January, 17th and 18 in the Grodno markets on «to the full program checked entrepreneurs, to someone the penalty has been written out, from someone have confiscated the goods.

Colleagues, it is not necessary to explain, that each confiscation, each penalty, this is someone’s grief, someone’s tears. The same guy from Vitebsk after from it have confiscated the goods for 2500 euros, asked: «As I will feed now the family?» Ponder, it has paid huge taxes for the whole month in advance, the goods have not stolen, and have bought in the market in the item Southern of Grodno. And at it all select that the waybill has appeared the old form. Such is their respect for a private property, such is their respect for the citizens.

Dear entrepreneurs, we cannot indifferently look, how actually plunder our colleagues a law name as and their families leave their out-of-pocket to existence as them humiliate. Each of us can appear in such position.

Under the offer of many of you because in the Grodno region confiscatory measures have started to get mass character, Strike Committee of Belarus has made the decision:

To spend on January, 22nd, 2003, as a sign of solidarity with suffered from an arbitrariness of the authorities by entrepreneurs’ one-day precautionary strike of entrepreneurs in Grodno.

The cores economic requirements of participants of strike are:

1. To return to entrepreneurs the property confiscated on far-fetched pretexts and money resources to their owners.

2. To dismiss employees of supervising bodies admitted an arbitrariness concerning entrepreneurs.

3. To stop «attacks» of employees of power and supervising structures on entrepreneurs.

The basic political requirements are:

1. Resignation of the President and the Government of Belarus.

2. The termination of prosecution of journalists for criticism A.Lukashenka.

3. Clearings from jails of journalists N.Markevich, P.Mazhejka, V.Ivashkevich.

Yours faithfully

Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski

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