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January 26th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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Opposition. 1:0 in favour of entrepreneurs.

On January, 25th, 2003 the panic had been captured the markets of Grodno. The chief of the Grodno city centre of hygiene Kendysh Nikolay Konstantinovich has appeared the disturber of calmness.

Two brigades of controllers on 4-5 persons have decided to check up on Saturday and Sunday how in the markets affairs with certification and hygienic registration of the goods are. To check it was planned to subject children’s clothes, cosmetics, products and toys. But far it was from it. In market “Southern”, at attempt to draw up the statement on children’s socks, controllers have been pushed aside by entrepreneurs in an office building. So anything in market “Southern” to check and it has not turned out. In event market “Central” developed even more interestingly. There controllers have been compelled to cause riot police and “submachine gunners”. On “central” 7 certificates (toys and cosmetics) after that the checking have been compelled to leave have been made.

Representatives of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus have tried to understand a situation. We will remind, we have agreed at level of a management of area and a city upon the termination of «embezzlers». From conversation with checking and personally the chief of the City centre of hygiene it is possible to draw a conclusion that they did not know about our arrangement, and now more spot-checks will not spend. The drawn up Statements will be cancelled. So it is or not, will show Sunday. If it, really is so, controllers should not be in the markets. If it is not, means, the management of area and a city has deceived us also us the decision on carrying out of monthly strike will be accepted. To learn about the accepted Decision it is possible 27.01.2003 (Monday) at 15.00 Lermontov 2. There the management of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People’s Deputies plans to hold a seminar for entrepreneurs, heads (experts) of supervising services will be invited. It is necessary to use this possibility for the organization of a meeting and the decision of our problems. All, whom have punished (are going to punish), the request it is obligatory to come, since, probably, your problem will be solved on a place. You should have the passport and the report (certificate). All other entrepreneurs I ask to arrive also to the above-stated address, we gather at an input. Today to you will be gave bulletins for January and February. Decision of Strike Committee about stopping of protest actions can be changed taking into account Sunday and Monday, therefore watch closely succession of events, call on ph. 8-0296-31-30-62, 8-0296-72-61-19, 31-30-62.

The note: on Sunday «embezzler» has been cancelled.
Dear entrepreneurs of Belarus – necessarily inform us on each case of drawing up of the certificate or the report, having specified name. Since there is an impression, that someone specially misleads entrepreneurs, thinking out fables of a different sort. At check, in 99 cases from 100 facts do not prove to be true. If someone speaks about mass confiscations and checks necessarily specify at it surnames of victims. Usually this question nonpluses always the distributor of “News”. Each case demands detailed check. Punishment of the entrepreneurs (seller) trading in rotten fish, the delayed (spoilt) foodstuff, covering buyer, cannot be the basis for mass protest actions. Single instances of checks in any case will sometimes take a place. If you keep together, as on Saturday problems at checked will not be. You should be ready to resolute actions (within the limits of a legal field) at any moment and when it is favorable or is unprofitable to trade. They will forget to you road.
And about the good. We remind you, that decision of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs on February, 1st – Day of the entrepreneurs – is our national holiday.

Yours faithfully Valery Levonevsky

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