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January 29th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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Provocation. Strike Committee of entrepreneurs declared last prevention to destructive forces of Belarus

In Grodno there has passed the next provocation, someone organized (we find out whom). Unfortunately, some representatives of the Grodno Belarus National front (BNF) have taken part in provocation, the “former” militiamen, and, certainly, registered «Club of entrepreneurs». As to «Club of entrepreneurs» if it is frankly – it is a pity. We considered that they have changed the orientation in favor of entrepreneurs. Were mistaken.

It is structure, in our opinion, on the one hand serves the state, with another – Grodno BNF.

At 14.00 they have held not authorized meeting (quantity of participants approximately 200 persons) where they have urged entrepreneurs to declare strike from 1.02.2003. What for? Why? After all it has been declared, by strike Committee of entrepreneurs, about stay of protest actions. They, most likely, are Lukashenka’s emissaries. Or central office of BNF will not understand the Grodno organisation, we will clash and with central office BNF. Only 230 deceived entrepreneurs of Grodno, as of 28.01.2003 (definitive term of a writing of such statements, data from our sources), from 10.000 Grodno entrepreneurs have supported this adventure and have submitted the notice to leave in February 2003. From them only 3 entrepreneurs working in the largest markets in Grodno

This is last prevention to destructive forces in Belarus. We suffered them. Has bothered. If they will stir us further – we simply “liquidate” them, according to our legislation.

Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski

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