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March 12th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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National March «For the best life» (photo)

National March «For the best life»On March, 12th, 2003 there has passed the National March «For the best life». Feature of the given action consisted that in the given action along with traditional organizers of such actions incorporated enterprise structures have acted. Including Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, Regional Public Organisation “Private property”, Republican association “Prospect”. More than half of gathered people on meeting were entrepreneurs. In total on not authorized meeting on areas of Kolas has gathered more than 5.000 (five thousand) the person.
All huge area of Kolas has been filled. All who could not be located on the given area have taken places near the given area. Not looking at militia requirements to stop the meeting, gathered it continued. On meeting, along with representatives of “Charter-97″, “Zubr”, leaders of a small-scale business have acted:

- The daddy having many children, Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, legal expert Valery Levaneuski,

- The young, promising, beginning politician, the entrepreneurs, the head of public association of entrepreneurs “Prospect” Anatoly Shumchenka

- Head of Regional Public Organization «Private property” the known entrepreneurs, legal expert Leonid Malakhau
And others.

Employees of Militia tried to select the equipment for the meeting organisation. However combined efforts of organizers of meeting (“Zubr”, journalists, Strike Committee, «Charter-97», etc.) have not allowed militiamen to make it.

After the meeting carrying out, protesting against an arbitrariness of the authorities, have moved under F.Skoriny’s prospectus, having blocked movement on the basic highway of Minsk. A column operated Dmitry Bondarenka and Lyudmila Grjaznova (applicants of action). The direct help in it rendered them Strike Committee of entrepreneurs, “Prospect” and “Private property”.

Many women had empty pans and spoons with which they drummed all roads. “Zubr” have especially caused a stir. Mass character, purposefulness, organization and firmness – here is distinctive line of this organization which has brightly proved in this action.

Further there were attempts of militiamen to arrange the second “Nemiga”, there were attempts to provoke mass disorders. But at them it has not turned out. Organizers of the action held situation development under the control.

The basic slogans of action are:
- A.Lukashenka’s resignation
- Depreciation of utilities
- Decrease in taxes

Having proceeded to Academy of sciences, participants of the action have held one more meeting and have dispersed.

The basic organizers of the action have been arrested at once after the action termination; some are caused on 13.03.2003 for registration of reports.

Such reaction of the power was not for us unexpected since mass reprisals in Belarus an existing mode smother freedom of will of citizens.

It is only the beginning of our joint actions with constructive forces of Belarus.

Let’s remind, that the National March «For the best life» have supported more than 100.000 (hundred thousand) entrepreneurs of Belarus strike. Such quantity of the citizens occupied in a small-scale business, did not leave 12.03.2003 for work across all Belarus.



Press-service of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus 

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