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March 14th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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The statement of leaders of enterprise movement of Belarus

More than hundred thousand entrepreneurs in thirty cities of Belarus have taken part in strike on March, 12th. Actions under the general slogan “For the best life” have passed in Mogilyov, Gomel, Borisov. On March, 12th in Minsk there has passed demonstration under social slogans in which have taken part more than five thousand persons.

For the first time in the newest history of Belarus representatives of different levels of population have acted as an united front with the requirement of the best life. Entrepreneurs and workers, students and pensioners have taken part in the action.
It also has frightened Belarusian authorities. Has frightened that we have together come on area of Kolas, has frightened that we have together supported the best life.

Belarussian authorities have understood that all their attempts to strangle entrepreneurs have failed. On March, 12th became a day of a unification of entrepreneurs. The organizing committee on creation Regional Public Organisation “Prospect”, Strike Committee of entrepreneurs, Regional Public Organization “Private property” was united by the efforts thanks to what the most mass on March, 12th has passed for last years strike of businessmen and the National March «For the best life!» in Minsk.

The action has not done without losses. Three organizers of the action – Andrey Sannikau, Dzmitry Bandarenka, Lyudmila Grjaznov, and also one of organizers of strike of entrepreneurs, with-chairman of “Private property” Leonid Malakhau have been arrested and condemned for 15 days of administrative arrest.

The action had exclusively peace character, and there were no reasons to arrest its organizers. The unique reason of severe sentences – the power recognizes our force. And she is afraid of this force.

The organized force as the first joint action has shown.

National march on March, 12th – the first action spent by joint efforts of entrepreneurs and workers, students and pensioners. The first joint step by the best life.

The purpose of severe sentences –is to intimidate entrepreneurs, to stop struggle for the best life. But us already late to frighten, and it is impossible to stop. If our requirements are not satisfied, struggle will proceed.

«Two hours of freedom which were at entrepreneurs on area of Kolas cost me 15 days. I am assured – soon these two hours become for all of us the whole new life in freedom» – our colleague Leonid Malakhsau after sentence announcement has told.

And together we will achieve, that our freedom lasted all life!

Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus
Valery Levaneuski

The co-ordinator of organising committee on creation “Prospect”
Anatoly Shumchenka

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