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May 19th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

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Let’s remember about children on June, 1st, 2003

Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus has called entrepreneurs of Belarus and other states, to recollect children on June, 1st, 2003.

On June, 1st – is Day of protection of children. Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus traditionally this day is spent by a number of the actions connected with this day. In many cities entrepreneurs of Belarus are going to render the feasible help to children from having many children and needy families, children’s homes. For example, only in Grodno entrepreneurs together with the Grodno public Female Organization (GPFO) «the Mercy Spring» (E-mail: ph. 8-0152-44-14-33, the Internet:, are planned following actions: excursion by the steam-ship on the river Neman and performance at theatre of Dolls for children from Children’s home of the mixed type (120 persons) and children from having many children and needy children.
Given actions Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus spent annually, by 5th year.

Pleases also that fact, that the most different entrepreneurs and enterprise structures have expressed desire under own initiative to help children from children’s homes, to children-invalids and other children requiring the help.

Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus calls all entrepreneurs and citizens to render feasible assistance to children at least this day. In Belarus all it is now heavy, but there is a category of people which it is children even worse-. Birth rate decreases, the quantity of orphans increases. Parents cannot support children, become an inveterate drunkard from a hopelessness and unemployment. Real protection of motherhood, the childhood, a family in Belarus does not exist. For example, in of Grodno Children’s home of the mixed type (children from 3 till 16 years which parents are deprived the parental rights) has increased number of children for 2 years twice and this tendency proceeds.

In children’s homes there is no elementary: a high-grade food, medicines, clothes, writing-books, handles, other things. To the child you will not explain, that adult “uncles” so managed the country that have doomed the future of children to beggarly existence. To children the care is necessary today to, especially, defective families and children from children’s homes.

In each settlement there are people who are ready to render at least the small help to the poor and made destitute children. Buy ice-cream to the child (to children’s home or an orphanage), present usual school writing-books, ball pens, sweets, finance excursion in a museum, representation at theatre, etc. – it you will fulfill the duty to our heritage. Each your gift remains in memory of the child for all life. Perhaps, at least then they will not be angered on the world and the Government which in a peace time have made their orphans.

Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski
Ph.: 8-0296-313062, 8-0297-82-61-18, a fax 8-0152-31-30-62

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