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November 25th, 2005. Posted in News from Belarus

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Courts hold “defence”

While there are unsuccessful attempts of the chairman of National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, political prisoner Valery Levaneuski to appeal against against actions of officials correctional facilities in courts. Courts under any, even not most mental pretext refuse even in acceptance of documents in court for a legal investigation in court.

So, for example, 04.11.2005 Levaneuski have acquainted with next “masterpiece” of judicial thought:

So the judge of Ivatsevichi’s regional court Vorobej the definition from 13.10.2005 has given up in case excitation under the complaint of Levaneuski V.S.on imposing on him collectings in colony-19 (Mogilyov). And it is not looking that the complaint has been redirected to Ivatsevichi’s court from the Supreme court of Belarsa. According to the judge, such complaints are beyond the jurisdiction of courts since they do not know how them to consider. Here so, under the law (p.11 item 113 of criminally-executive code) condemned has the right to address in court with the complaint to the decision on imposing to it collectings in court, and courts refer that are not able to consider such cases.

7.11.2005 the complaint to the made definition of court is submitted to Board on civil cases of the Brest regional court (court phone – (0162) 20-16-06). Two more judges of Ivatsevichi’s regional court precisely also have made like this.

20.10.2005 judge of Ivatsevichi regional court Janchuk J.P. has given up in case excitation under the claim of the condemned Levaneuski about collecting wages for July-August, 2005 too in view of beyonding the jurisdiction of. The private complaint 6.11.2005 in the Brest regional court is submitted.

27.10.2005 Judge of Ivatsevichi regional court Kirillovich A.I. has given up in case excitation on the same bases, as its colleague, i.e. beyonding the jurisdiction of. under the claim to a colony of the condemned Levaneuski V.S. about compulsion of delivery of overalls, protection frames and acquaintance with standard acts.

Here is so – what sphere of infringement of the rights condemned do not take – courts amicably answer – we will not consider, since do not know how. And what about the constitution which guarantees judicial protection of the rights of citizens including the condemned? By the way the right to a reference to the court of citizens behind protection of the rights is directly registered in the Civil-remedial code and the Criminally-executive code.

But further all the court of Lenin area of Brest (the judge Mironjuk O. S) has gone. The court has left without movement the statement of claim of the condemned Levaneuski to colony-22 about the termination of infringement of the rights of the worker on association in trade union. The court has suggested condemned Levaneuski to pay a State Tax at a rate of 5 base sizes and it is thus, that:

1) Claimants on labour disputes are released from court costs (in that number and payments of State Duties) item 241 and p.2 item of the Labour code.

2) Wages at condemned, including at Levaneuski Century ะก, is 3-7 thousand roubles a month.

It is natural, that condemned Levaneuski has made the private complaint 7.11.2005. The leader of entrepreneurs is intended to submit some more various claims on infringement of the rights and maintenance conditions, and is convinced, that will achieve proceeding under the claims.

The note: the above-stated complaints and statements of Levaneuski, and also definitions of courts will be placed in the near future on “ZONE”.

Press service of National Strike Committee of Belarus

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