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November 28th, 2005. Posted in News from Belarus

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Provocations concerning the leader of entrepreneurs proceed

The chairman of National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, a member of Council of civil initiatives «Free Belarus» starves in a colony already more than two weeks. He protests against illegal deprivation of its appointment to a family, and also demands to stop provocations concerning him from administration of a colony №22. One of these days on Levaneuski have imposed two more penalties – have deprived of his right to the next parcel (transfer) and to buy in shop of a colony something. On it has informed one of cellmates of the political prisoner who left on freedom.

The reasons on which penalties have been imposed, are not known yet.

From the beginning of hunger-strike letters, complaints, of Valery Levaneuski practically do not send by colony administration. The majority of letters from relatives are withdrawn. The things illegally withdrawn by deputy chief of colony-22 Karmanovich M. S which fulfils now duties of the chief of a colony, are not returned till now.

Major Karmanovich and Zarutsky (the assistant to the chief of a colony on duty) consist in related relations (according to the condemned are married on sisters) and throughout long time (since November, 2004), according to Valery Levaneuski, are engaged concerning it in provocations and prosecutions, and “work”, as a rule, in steam – one provokes and imeges infringements, making the official report (Zarutsky), and punishments “distributes” Karmanovich . Oppressions, provocations, insults to Valery Levaneuski from these officials do not stop. It is not excluded, that the next collectings have been imposed on the political prisoner for the formal and far-fetched reasons.

The leader of entrepreneurs has begun hunger-strike on November, 13th, 2005. It is already the fifth hunger-strike of the political prisoner behind a lattice.

Press service of National Strike Committee of Belarus

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