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October 1st, 2005. Posted in News from Belarus

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Does Chairman of Strike Committee work in a colony without the labour contract?

The leader of National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, the participant of Council of civil initiatives «Free Belarus» Valery Levaneuski who serves time in colony-22, tries to achieve granting to it of the labour contract.

The matter is that to him is forbidden to familiarizes with the labour contract (it works in colony -22 as the worker), force to work him all day long, without days off and to combine some trades, paying in it thus 7 thousand rubles a month on the personal account. The commission on labour disputes and trade unions for condemned in colony-22 are absent also them forbid to create. . To defend the labour rights condemned there is no place.

The department of the state inspection of work in the answer informs relatives of the political prisoner: «the Check spent by Berezovka’s interdistrict inspection of work of the Brest regional management of department of the state inspection of work of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Belarus, it is established, that according to the order from 08.07.2005 № 82 Levaneuski V.S. has passed work by correctional facility« the Corrective colony № 22 »as the cleaner of a premise of first-aid station on 0,25 rates on the basis of the statement handed in by it have been accepted from 01.07.2005. With the given order Leaneuski V.S. has been acquainted under a list. The written labour contract with it at reception of a pas work has not been concluded, that is infringement of article 18 of the Labour code of Belarus».

Valery gives all wages to the nearest children’s homes. Hopes for that, as administration colony-22 will follow to its example and will help children.

Press service of National Strike Committee of Belarus

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