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October 16th, 2005. Posted in News from Belarus

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Valery Levaneuski: «Employees of a colony are our voters too»

Political prisoner Valery Levaneuski has sent from a colony the letter in which answers questions of on the initiatives directed on improvement of conditions in the Ivatsevichi’s colony, including working conditions of employees of a colony.

«Life conditions in a colony are very limited. Many condemned wish to begin a new life, so the help, belief and hope is necessary to them. All it is given by religion, therefore I the adherent of to create conditions for service to the God and in a colony. The belief treats souls of condemned, that is very important. The separate room is necessary for believers to remain in private with God, to think. I do not think, that all condemned will run to the God to pray, but if it helps at least to some, it will be good. Therefore such premise is necessary. Thus the right to creed is written down in the Criminal code, therefore its executions are necessary for achieving», – Valery Levaneuski has written.

While the initiative of Levaneuski – to open in a colony a room for believers – is not supported by administration. There refer that in a colony there are no premises, and to orthodox believers the priest from local church every week comes.

The computer class is necessary not only condemned which wish to learn to work behind the computer, and to employees of a colony, Valery Levaneuski considers.

«I wish to organise a computer class, including, to help employees of a colony as they have a lot of work with papers which are necessary for registration of conditional-preschedule clearing. At each chief of group of 100-160 persons. Absence in colony computers conducts to that inquiries, characteristics and other papers are made in writing, and for this reason clearing of prisoners is tightened. Therefore I consider, that the material resources in a colony should be better. Where it is better, there and the prisoner it is better», – Valery Levaneuski is convinced.

He has noticed in the letter, that «employees of a colony – are too voters» for which voices it is necessary to struggle.

The initiative of Levaneuski about opening of a computer class in a colony while also administration is not supported. Meanwhile, Valery Levaneuski has addressed to a number of the organisations with an appeal to send in a colony computers or their separate parts, even what already were in use. Valery Levaneuski says, that can collect from them the working computer.

In administration of the Ivatsevichi’s colony I have been confirmed, that chiefs of groups do not have personal computers. «If they had computers, it would be useful», – the employee of a colony admitted.

Earlier Valery Levaneuski petitioned for opening in colony a library, and this initiative has been supported. The library works some months, in its fund already more than thousand books. The part of these books was collected by administration, the part was sent by people from different cities of Belarus.

According to a sentence, Valery Levaneuski will remain in a colony even more half a year. It has been condemned for 2 years for slander on Alexander Lukashenka. The organisation «International amnesty» declared Levaneuski the prisoner of conscience.

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