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September 13th, 2005. Posted in News from Belarus

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The leader of entrepreneurs have been refused to translate in a colony-settlement

Since September, first, 2005 began to work TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE of a corrective colony №22 where the chairman of National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus serves time, the member of Council of civil initiatives «Free Belarus» Valery Levaneuski. In the given establishment it is possible to receive a specialty of the tractor operator for 5 months. «I have not been taken for study, motivating it that already there are no places. It is a lot of wishing. I was one of the first. All who was after me on interview took, and I was not present. I think, that the reason here is in other», – Valery Levaneuski in the letters writes.

The leader of entrepreneurs is behind a lattice during more than 16 months. Recently to him it has been given up in punishment softening. «Came to me political supervisor and has acquainted me with official refusal on transfer me in a colony-settlement because I am the malicious infringer and has not followed a correction way», – the political prisoner writes.

Valery Levaneuski also has told about a case which has occurred on August, 29th in colony first-aid station where it works: «One of condemned (young) laid in first-aid station and has tried to commit suicide. Doctors sewed up his vein. » To commit suicide”-is to cut to him veins by a “sink”(an edge which have got from the machine tool for shaving). Has received the bad letter from the house, here and it has decided» to be opened”. The background is that:

His verdict is 8 years (if does not say lie). His name is Sergey, by sight he is 18-19 years old, not the big growth, thin, it is visible, that in the childhood underrate, and parents “drank”. It comes from a provincial small village. A “Cock” he became in pre-trial prison. He saws from one mug with “cocks” (from its words). According to other convicts the decision to become a “cock” has accepted himself since he could not take somewhere to smoke-and-cook.

He has got for a lattice that has made attempt at a life of the native grandmother. The 17-year-old moron demanded from the grandmother who replaced to him mother and the father, money for binge at a rate of 5000 rubles. The grandmother had this day a pension. The grandmother has tried to pacify the grand daughter. It took a knife, has put to her little serious wounds and has taken away pension. The grandmother has got to hospital; upon attempt criminal case has been raised. Grand daughters did deny anything. He has got in pre-trial prison. The grandmother and mum carried to him transfers. The grandmother all the same has not stopped loving him. Even has copied on him the house while he was in prison. But possibilities of the grandmother and mum are limited, and to smoke and drink tea (very strong) it would be desirable every day. To a cock in it it is little bit easier. They perform various dirty work, convicts pay for it by cigarettes or tea.

He has received the letter from the grandmother that the neighbors have offended her and here because of it (from his words) he had committed suicide. I think, that did it to lying down still couple of days in first-aid station since in group on it a lot of work leans, and it for him cannot stand. But this is personal opinion. The erroneous can also. It is possible to understand this heavy emotional condition – a life did not see, and to sit to it still for a long time. »

Press service of National Strike Committee of Belarus

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