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April 5th, 2005. Posted in News from Belarus

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Condemned in Belarus starve because of officials of colonies

Having visited some colonies and prisons, Valery Levaneuski was convinced that a food of the condemned depends exclusively on the control over delivery of products on norms of a food. In some colonies, such as colony-19, norms of delivery of a food are obviously underestimated and condemned stands out no more than half put on the norm established by legislation of RB. The chairman of National Strike Committee of Belarus considers, that the put products simply do not reach to condemned, and norms of delivery of ready products are obviously underestimated for the purpose of them shortage.

By various manipulations real quantity of the products put in a crude kind, much less after their preparation. As an example of a normal food for the condemned can serve colony-22 («the Wolf holes»). This unique while a place where in food it is possible to meet put on norm 80g of meat, 80g of Fishes, 550g of potato, and other products in day.

Press service of National Strike Committee of Belarus

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