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July 2nd, 2005. Posted in News from Belarus

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The letter from “zone”. Have given work. I will receive a payment: 4 dollars a month

«02.07.2005. I am already from 01.07.2005″ the man on duty » of first-aid stations. The man on duty is sounds proudly. But actually a man on duty in a zone does not real men on duty. Correctly the post is called -«the cleaner of a premise of medical station of colony».

All have began, when 30.06.2005 in colony-22 approximately at 17.20 has arrived Vladimir Kovchur (the chief of Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB) and on my question when I will get a work, has declared to chief of colony-22, that he (i.e.) since tomorrow should work in the Medical unit, on execution to him report personally.

I generally ask to take me for work on industrial zone of colony as worker, but they do not want. They are afraid probably, that I will start to demand observance of sanitary, labor norms on a workplace, safety precautions, etc. We have here with it full “brothel”. People work in dirt, on a cold, without observance of elementary norms of safety precautions and sanitary, remain invalids, but anybody at all does not fix it. The salary or at all do not pay, or pay 1-4 dollars a month (1-8 thousand rubles) only. On 20 workplaces there are150 persons (carry out the decree of mine “victim” about general labor employment in “zone”) come to work. A.Lukashenka “has somehow blurted out” on the TV, “that would provide all condemned by work”. Well, they have provided. On one workplace “work” till 20-30 persons. And “salary” is shared accordingly 50 dollars on 150 persons. To someone leaves to steam of dollars a month, and to someone – of anything. But all the same it is better to work, than to sit in a barrack. Time goes faster.

If I have refused to be the man on duty (cleaner) of first-aid station then administration of colony-22 would say, that I refuse work. Therefore I have been compelled to agree to work as the cleaner (“man on duty”) for 9 thousand rubles a month. To me it is not clear, why such low salary. We will understand. But hardly later will.

Employment too has not done without “adventures”. I have written the statement under dictation of the chief, that supposedly I ask to employ me as the cleaner of premises of medical station of colony, with duties of the man on duty (?) is acquainted (duties of the man on duty of first-aid station are confirmed by chief of colony-22 06.01.2005).
It is such a pun. The permanent appointment of the man on duty is not present, and duties of the man on duty are!

Militia and military men never differed legal logic. Naturally there was a question, where are a duties of the cleaner. And they also are not present. And such concept “man on duty” does not exist. It was necessary to them urgently, under my requirement, to develop duties of the cleaner.

Have developed and have confirmed for one hour, the chief of a colony I.V.Luksha has signed from 01.07.2005. Not clearly where have found Luksha I.V., it after all 01.07.2005 in holiday. Well it is fine, these are trifles. Now I the main cleaner, I have a broom, a rag, haunch. Work is not difficult, but it is not clear, why pay a little. It is impossible to tell, that I am very happy with work of the cleaner, but it is already better, than to be the idler.

The letter is resulted with reductions.

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