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March 11th, 2005. Posted in News from Belarus

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Valery Levaneuski has met relatives

From March, 9 till March, 11th there has passed a meeting of the chairman of National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, a member of Council of civil initiatives «Free Belarus» Valery Levaneuski with relatives in a corrective colony №22 («the Wolf holes»).

It was forbidden to Valery Levaneuski to carry by with himself on appointment writing-materials, a paper, notebooks, writing-books, records, copies from materials of his criminal case, a sentence, copies of complaints to actions of administrations of correctional facility, copies of complaints to his attraction to responsibility in the form of a premise in a penal insulator, acts and codes. To a family of the political prisoner have forbidden to carry by on appointment acts and other documents necessary for drawing up of the supervising complaint of hectares a sentence of court from 7.09.2004 (the sentence is to the address in the Internet: and other complaints connected with confiscation of property of a family of Levaneuski, infringement of their rights and legitimate interests.

Reception of the permission to appointment also was uneasy. Initially administration of colony has refused to give to the condemned Valery Levaneuski the long appointment put on term to near relations to formal and far-fetched signs. However in a consequence such permission has been given, since the chairman of National Strike Committee has declared, that declares term less hunger-strike with the requirement of resignation of the chief of DYNES of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB (Department of Execution of Punishments at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Byelorussia) and the chief of a colony since considers, that last three months is exposed to illegal prosecution from officials of Penalty Executions Department on political grounds.

Because of it, according to Valery Levaneuski, to him are applied collectings, such as a premise in penalty insulator is applied. Valery Levaneuski considers deprivation of appointments, an interdiction for purchase of a foodstuff that administration of colony tries to provoke him to any actions for which in a consequence it is possible to involve it in the additional criminal liability. With that end in view provocations concerning Levaneuski were repeatedly carried out and attempts to excite criminal case concerning it under various articles of the criminal code do not stop.

Chairman of Strike Committee achieves now a meeting with the public prosecutor for giving of corresponding statements and complaints, and tries to organize proceeding on infringement of its rights and legitimate interests, and also imposing on it of collectings.

Administration of colony-22 in every possible way interfere him with it. However there are already positive results of upholding by Levaneuski the rights of condemned in colony-19 (where he was earlier). In coony-19 they have started to give the put norm of a white loaf (150 daily), were diversified a food, there were on a table of condemned salads.

According to Valery Levaneuski the basic problem which is necessary for solving in all prisons and colonies, it of removal of obstacles on giving of complaints and statements from corrective colony, and also sending of letters of condemned. The thing is, more than 90 % of complaints and statements of condemned, connected with infringement of they rights in colony, do not leave from there and are destroyed by administration of colony. It occurs that the administration carries out, in law infringement, censorship of such complaints and statements, and, not wishing «to take out quarrels from a log hut», do not send these complaints and statements to addressees.

To the condemned it is not informed on, whether his complaints and the statement are sent, registration of such complaints and statements is not conducted.
Valery’s attempts to oblige administration of colony to register the complaint and statements condemned at the moment of their giving meet furious counteraction from administration of colony and Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB.

The same situation is with letters of the condemned. If in the letter any information on infringements of the rights condemned or abusing in colony contains, such letters are destroyed, and on it is not informed condemned. In some colonies when there is a considerable quantity of letters, them not to waste time on censorship, simply burn bags (according to condemned), therefore many letters from colony do not reach addressees.

The chairman of National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus will be grateful to human rights organizations and officials who will assist in putting in order and legality in the permission of the given problem, namely real realization of the right condemned on giving, registration and permissions on the substance of complaints and the statements, submitted through administration of colony. The decision of this important problem will allow «to break through all-round defense» on unassuming complaints from colony which are carried out by officials of colonies and Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB.

Valery Levaneuski expresses gratitude and gratitude to all journalists, politicians, public figures, entrepreneurs, the organizations and the citizens rendering feasible encouragement during hard time for him.

Press service of National Strike Committee of Belarus

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