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March 16th, 2005. Posted in News from Belarus

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Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB considers, that Levaneuski is the malicious infringer of a mode of the maintenance

The department of execution of punishments at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus has sent the answer to to spouse of condemned Valery Levaneuski which has made one month ago there the complaint to actions of officials of the Mogilyov colony.

We result the full text of the given answer:

“I inform, that under your complaint to actions of officials concerning the condemned Levaneuski V.S, the Department of execution of punishments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus spends check in a course by which the following is established:

The condemned Levaneuski V.S during punishment serving in various correctional facilities has proved from a negative side, was repeatedly punished in a disciplinary order for daily routine infringements. Is the malicious infringer of a mode of the maintenance? The actions and behavior it provokes condemned to not to performance of the duties assigned to them and rendering to administration of colony counteraction, a writing of unreasonable complaints and statements in various state bodies for the purpose of creation of the additional conditions, not provided Criminally-executive the code and Regulations, trying thereby to destabilize conditions in establishment.

The acquisition order condemned to imprisonment of a foodstuff and articles of prime necessity is defined by article 82 p.1,2 the Criminally-executive code of Belarus and chapter 21 point 102 of Regulations.

Under the presented data on correspondence of the condemned Levaneuski V.S, with you and other organizations testify that he sent and received letters (including custom-made) without restriction and in established by the legislation term.

On a question not granting’s of appointments to the condemned Levaneuski V.S. with you, it is established, that 30.11.2004 he have been given short-term appointment to you and sons Levaneuski D.V. and Levaneuski V.V.

Further at meetings with the husband and correspondence I ask to make on him positive impact on performance of regime requirements and Regulations by him.

Caretaker of chief УОРР of Department

The lieutenant colonel of internal service S.I.Protsenka”

The family of the political prisoner considers the given answer of Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB as the simple formal reply, and will continue to achieve the termination of regular infringements of the rights and legitimate interests of Levaneuski V.S. in a colony.

Press service of National Strike Committee of Belarus

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