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May 3rd, 2005. Posted in News from Belarus

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Officials of a colony will be punished?

The spouse of political prisoner Valery Levaneuski has received the answer from Office of Public Prosecutor on supervision of observance of laws in correctional facilities of Mogilyov on the complaint. In the complaint it was specified about infringements of the law by officials of colonies, and also about infringement of the rights of the condemned Valery Levaneuski.

The Office of Public Prosecutor, having checked up all facts stated in the complaint of Levaneuskaja M. A, has not revealed infringements from officials of a colony, except for one, that officials of colony-19 considering complaints and references of Levaneuski V.S in some cases written answers were not given to him. That is infringement of positions p.p.4,5 item 10 of the Criminally-executive code of Belarus.

About, whether officials of a colony №19 are made answerable while it is not known.

We result the full text of the answer:

To Levaneuskaja M. A.


To chief of colony-22, Domanovo, Ivatsevichi area

(For the announcement to the condemned Levaneuski Valery Stanislavavich)

Dear Marina Aleksandrovna!

I inform, that under your complaint to actions of officials of colony-19 of Mogilyov concerning your husband condemned Levaneuski V.S., which has arrived from Office of Public Prosecutor of Mogilyov area check is spent.

It is established, that Levaneuski V.S., convicted on a sentence of court of Lenin area of Grodno from 07.09.2004 under item 368 p.2 of Criminal Code of Belarus by 2 years of imprisonment in colony of general mode from 18.12.2004 for 18.02.2005 served time in colony-19 of Mogilyov where has arrived from colony-22 item Domanova, Ivatsevichi area.

After the arrival in colony-19 condemned Levaneuski V.S was characterized as the malicious infringer of the established order of serving of punishment according to item 3 p.1 item 117 of the Criminally-executive code of Belarus as he had two collectings, one of which settlement in the penal insulator, imposed on him in colony-22.

In colony-19 condemned Levaneuski V.S also twice was involved in a disciplinary responsibility: 1) 05.01.2005 have been deprived the next long appointment, for the infringement of a mode admitted 30.12.2004; 2) 06.01.2005 have been installed in a penal insulator for 15 days for administration’s requirements on cleaning of premises of 31.12.2004

Both collectings are imposed on Levaneuski V.S by the chief of establishment, after check, carrying out. Legality infringements thus is not established.

It is established, that by administration of colony-19 from condemned Levaneuski V.S. reasoned carrying out of rules of behavior of the condemned established by Regulations, chapter 12, carrying out of the daily routine established in establishment, a mode of the maintenance condemned was required. Any illegal requirements to condemned Levaneuski V.S were not shown.

According to records in log-books proceeding and incoming documents of condemned of colony-19, during punishment serving in establishment condemned Levaneuski V.S has directed for limits of establishment of 42 letters and 12 complaints, references to supervising and supervising bodies.

To Levaneuski V.S for specified time 52 letters, from them 39 custom-made have arrived.

Besides in colony-19 there are 20 written references of condemned Levaneuski V.S to the chief of establishment which are considered by him and other officials of establishment. By results of consideration to Levaneuski V.S answers, and explanations are given that proves to be true by his autographic.

At the same time, during check it is established, that officials of colony-19 considering complaints and references of Levaneuski V.S in some cases written answers gave not, that is infringement of positions p.p.4,5 item 10 of the Criminally-executive code of Belarus.

For elimination of the given infringement of the law the instruction is directed to chief of colony -19.

You have the right to appeal against against the given answer to the public prosecutor of the Mogilyov area.

The Mogilyov public prosecutor on supervision of observance of laws in state corrections the senior adviser of justice N.Nivko

Press service of National Strike Committee of Belarus

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