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September 22nd, 2005. Posted in News from Belarus

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Officials of colony-22 are officially warned

 The Office of Public Prosecutor of Ivatsevichi area has sent the answer to complaints of relatives of the chairman of National Strike Committee of Belarus, a member of Council of civil initiatives «Free Belarus»Valery Levaneuski. The Office of Public Prosecutor has tried to answer some questions of applicants connected with infringement of the current legislation in a colony №22.

We result the full text of the given answer:

“On your statement I inform, that the Office of Public Prosecutor of Ivatsevichi area checks up legality of the permission of your statements by administration of colony-22.

It is established, that on May, 29th, 2005 condemned Levaneuski V.S. has addressed with a written statement addressed to chief of colony-22 that on May, 29th, 2005 condemned on a nickname “root” in inhabited section of group has told Levaneuski V.S., that he «will beat him, will cut off a head and will put in a bedside table» if he (Levaneuski) does not cease to complain of the deputy Chief of colony-22 Karmanovich M. S and to demand his dismissal.

Check was spent under instructions of chief of colony-22 by chief department of security work Kvashevich A.S. however, the decision under the statement as item 174 of procedural criminal code of RB was not accepted, the written answer under the statement is not given.

According to item 168 of procedural criminal code of RB the applicant is warned about the criminal liability for obviously false denunciation about what in the statement the mark which makes sure the signature of the applicant becomes. The given requirement of the law also is not executed.

Also in infringement of item 10 p.4 and 5 of  criminally-executive code of RB has not been given on April, 23rd, 2005 the written answer by deputy chief of colony-22 Artjuh A.K. on the statement of Levaneuski V.S  from April, 20th, 2005 which addressed concerning the appeal of the decision of a certifying commission. On the statement there is an explanation mark are given, the explanation essence is not specified.

I direct the instruction to chief of colony22 Luksha I.V. about elimination revealed infringements of the law with the requirement to resolve the statement from 29.05.2005 as item 174 of  procedural criminal code of RB and to hand over a decision copy to Levaneuski V.S., to explain an appeal order.

The deputy Chief Artjuh A.K. and chief of department of security Kvashevich A.S. are officially warned.

Concerning “interdiction” on getting by condemned sugar the written answer to Levaneuskaja M. A is given by chief of colony-22 16.08.2005г., simultaneously I explain, that according to item 105 of Regulations of colonies sugar condemned is authorized to be got only in shops (stalls) of colony to 1 kg in a month. Stationary shop (stall) in colony-22 exit trade is not available, is organized, complaints from condemned did not arrive. It is offered to chief of colony-22 together with regional cooperative society to co-ordinate (seller) in district executive committee and sanitary inspection bodies inventory line group which should be constant on sale in trading object (with regard in the attachment №3 Regulations).

Concerning legality of actions of administration at carrying out of short-term and long appointments in colony-22 infringements is not revealed. According to item 168 of Regulations to the persons who have arrived on short-term appointments with condemned to bring a foodstuff and things in rooms, – intended for these purposes it is not authorized. During carrying out of appointments transfer condemned or condemned any documents of records, drawings and to that similar is not supposed.

On May, 11th, 2005 Levaneuski V.S. addressed with the statement addressed to chief of colony in whom asked to allow to use to relatives on short-term appointment by the handle, a writing paper, and also the camera and a dictophone, and also to allow to use to it the handle, a paper, records. The given requirements are not based on the law.

On long appointment, according to item 166 of Regulations the condemned can use clothes, linen and the footwear, the brought relatives. With itself on long appointment condemned it is authorized to carry by only smoking accessories and subjects of personal hygiene. Thus, your requirements about the permission of a propose to appointments of the handle, a writing paper, records, materials of case, the camera, a dictophone and i.e. contradict Regulations and cannot be satisfied.

In connection with the complaint of Levaneuski V.S. on withdrawal and no- sending off, letters to addressee Melnikau (of Grodno) I inform, that according to item 143 of Regulations correspondence of the condemned is exposed to censorship. Letters of condemned and letters arrived on their name having the cynical character, directed on a trespass the protected law to the rights of the state bodies, public associations and separate citizens to the addressee do not go and condemned does not stand out about it appears condemned then such correspondence is destroyed.

According to the certificate from 02.08.2005 the letter of Levaneuski V.S is destroyed, with the certificate Levaneuski is acquainted.

In the statement in Office of Public Prosecutor from 09.08.2005 Levaneuski V.S. asks to involve officials of colony-22 in responsibility for, ostensibly, groundless withdrawal of the letter and to oblige administration of colony to send the letter to addressee Melnikov, though 02.08.2005 last is acquainted with the certificate on destruction.

With the similar statement Levaneuski V.S. has addressed to chief of colony-22, the answer written is given him 12.08.2005.

The bases for acceptance of measures of public prosecutor’s reaction are not available.

You have the right to appeal against against the present decision in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Brest area.

The public prosecutor of Ivatsevichi area the adviser of justice T.A.Stasevich “

It is possible to familiarize with the text of some complaints and statements on the special project “ZONE” in section «case Materials».

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