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March 18th, 2005. Posted in News, News from Belarus, The press about us

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Chairman of Strike Committee has met the lawyer

Chairman of Strike Committee has met the lawyer, Valery LevaneuskiOn March, 17th, 2005 in a corrective colony №22 the meeting of the chairman of National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, a member of Council of civil initiatives of Belarus, a member of Council of civil initiatives «Free Belarus» Valery Levaneuski and his lawyer has taken place. The basic question which was discussed at a meeting, was about the appeal when due hereunder those collectings which have been imposed on Valery Levaneuski in colony-22 and colony-19. The political prisoner considers, that these punishments (a premise in penalty insulator, deprivation of appointments to relatives, etc.) were unreasonable and illegal, and documents for their appeal prepare.

Valery Levaneuski considers necessary to address in the Russian linguistic, literary and legal higher educational institutions that their experts have stated qualified and free from any influence of law-enforcement and state bodies opinion on that, is available or not the insult of the President of Belarus in the leaflet text. It is caused by that the court during a legal investigation has given up in a call of experts that has deprived political prisoners and possibility protection to set necessary questions, to eliminate contradictions available in the expert judgment.

According to Valery Levaneuski, that circumstance is strange, that examination which has laid down in a sentence basis as the basic proof of fault of Levaneuski and Vasilieu, has been appointed, spent and issued within one day that calls into question independence and objectivity of the given experts.

Chairman of Strike Committee, being behind a lattice, continues to challenge a sentence, which, in its opinion, illegal and unreasonable. He has sent the supervising complaint to the given sentence in the Supreme court of Belarus on 37 sheets. In any case Valery Levaneuski will achieve the full justification.

Press service of National Strike Committee of Belarus

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