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November 29th, 2006. Posted in Author's articles

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Authoritarianism history in modern Belarus

Historical experience. The analysis of the reasons of dictatorship, reprisals of the authorities. Errors. Strategy and tactics of the future incorporated opposition in Belarus.

Valery Levaneuski has prepared a number of analytical articles in which it expresses the personal opinion on many questions, concerning histories of development of dictatorship in Belarus, preconditions of its occurrence. In these articles answers to different questions are given, including, whether the incorporated opposition in Belarus that it is necessary to do in the near future and in the long-term future for democracy construction in Belarus is necessary.

We invite all to discussion and expression of the opinions on the given questions.

We publish some endurance from articles devoted to this theme.

Historical experience. The analysis of the reasons of dictatorship, reprisals of the authorities. Errors.

In Belarus last ten years, thanks to a position of the working president of Belarus and his policy such version of board, as authoritarianism was fixed. In 1994-1996 in Belarus there was no mass comprehension of these processes. We lived on a wave of coming democracy, are full of hopes, but have lost elementary vigilance. There was no real professional counteraction to dictatorship occurrence, as a result have developed situation. Politicians of that time were, basically, people fair, decent, trusted in a reason and justice victory. They have forgotten history and that it is possible to replace courts and the law with a name of revolution and people name in very short time interval. And then a name of the same people to change the law at which you become the dictator, and the people of anything cannot already change.

It is also instructive in the Belarus dictatorship. All world once again was convinced, that it is impossible to give in a peace time the unlimited power to one person. We as though have changed a time machine and have appeared in formation of various dictatorial modes. Everybody have seen, how at certain skill it is possible to subordinate rather quickly to itself all structures of the power and to establish the personal power. God forbid, that so has occurred in other country, for example, in Russia. Recollect, how A.Lukashenka worried about has given “Poplar” (nuclear rockets of strategic appointment) to Russia. And what would be, if has not given? It turns out, that the world community, as though in a debt to us for a reminder on constant danger over mankind which can lead to civilization destruction. In the future the world should secure itself against coming to power in separately taken country of people to which the uncontrollable power is more expensive than own life.

Many people name A.Lukashenka last dictator of Europe. Basically, while anybody did not challenge it, even A.Lukashenka did not. Official propagation was eliminated from a refutation of the given statement. Those who asserts are right also, that Belarus is also last islet of the Bolshevism. Most likely, these statements are similar and have one nature. Roots at all communism, fascism, boards of type different «Huseins» identical – is slavery forms. In Belarus the communistic form of slavery has got accustomed nearby. If to start with it much becomes clear.

Authoritarianism, as it is known is a form of board or the theory opposite democratic, protecting such form of board at which the consent of a society with heads of the state and their decisions is not considered necessary. Elections and discussions are used to give only visibility of democratic legality to the government while the control entirely is in hands of governors. Authoritative governors lean, mainly, not against the constitutional restrictions, and on compulsion.

To state estimation to a condition of presence of the rests of democracy in Belarus and to designate ways of the permission of the collected problems, it is necessary to understand, that Belarus not is any individual, with the specificity as official propagation tries to convince us of it. Everything that occurs in Belarus today many times repeated in history of development of mankind. Therefore strategic offers on democracy development in Belarus should to be under construction, in my opinion, on the basis of history and world experience of struggle against slavery and communism.

Democracy, as is known, occurs from the Greek word which means “people board”.

Characteristic line of any democracy is the respect of the option which assumes presence of such civil freedom as a freedom of speech and meetings. Democracy prospers, when some of following minimum conditions is carried out at least:

1. Power division, selectivity and subsidiary to the authorities;

2. Restrictions of the power of the government;

3. Tolerance to disagreements;

4. An easy approach to the information;

5. A freedom of speech, meetings and street processions;

6. Successful economic development;

7. Freedom of creation and functioning of not state mass-media, trade unions, public organisations, political parties and other public associations.

At a present mode in Belarus these conditions cannot be observed even theoretically.

In Belarus today we have the unlimited power of the government which is headed by the President of Belarus. It supervises power and law enforcement bodies, courts, legislative and an executive power. Selectivity of any bodies already is absent for a long time in Belarus and as experts mark, the President, actually, itself selects itself and other branches of the power. It is difficult to name even branches of the power. More they are similar to leaflets on one branch which fall down in the autumn.

Well-known, that independent mass-media, trade unions, parties, public organizations are laid down by the state in conditions at which objectively to work, practically, cannot. The Russian independent journalists 28.11.2006 who simply have not started up in a premise where there passed a meeting of heads of the CIS were convinced of it also. And, official versions opposite were. From technical misunderstanding, to instructions that those whom have not started up, incorrectly write, and write that consider it necessary. It is necessary to give due to the Russian journalists who as a sign of solidarity with the colleagues suited the support action to “wrong” journalists and have shown to all worlds a true state of affairs from mass-media in Belarus.

Any objectionable to the authorities street processions, meetings, meetings, expressions of own opinion in present Belarus are rigidly stopped, up to criminal prosecution. I will remind, that for the meeting organization on May, 1st, 2004 in of Grodno with the requirement of resignation of A.Lukashenka originally to me “distances” of 15 days of administrative arrest, and then, not letting out from the chamber, have added as early as two years of prison with property confiscation for «the insult of the President of Belarus». Together with me for the same meeting entrepreneur Alexander Vasilev has received two years. Arrests, large penalties, criminal prosecution – usual practice of the Belarus authorities for attempt of expression of the opinion if the given opinion differs from an official position of the authorities of Belarus. For Belarus it is norm. Though 12 years ago we could gather, how many wished and to say everything, that considered it necessary. Thanking A.Lukashenka’s this freedom has come to power and now does everything that nobody could criticize publicly its or its acts.

Positive economic indicators which daily and repeatedly repeat on TV and radio are obviously “exaggerated”. Television and real Belarus are two absolutely different countries.

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