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May 24th, 2006. Posted in Interviews

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Valery LEVANEUSKI: «In a zone me named “the president”, and have once accepted for thieves’ authority».

After a biennial finding in prison “for the insult of the president” there is on freedom a Grodno’s leader of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs Valery LEVANEUSKI. The correspondent of “National will” is talking to him.

- Valery Stanislavovich, how are to you the Belarus prisons?

- It is full lawlessness, and there it is , strangely enough, from administration of colonies. The closed system allows creating over people the real mockeries – both moral, and physical. About it I wrote much, but my complaints went to urns, and I was closed in punishment cell.

- And how many times it was possible to visit penal insulators?

- Three times for 15 days. It is for nothing. First time I ostensibly refused to work though I on the contrary wrote statements to take me for normal work. The second case – a pier, has not executed any far-fetched order. In third time “have closed” for through another condemned I tried to transfer the statement addressed to the chief of Department of execution of punishments about the slavery termination in a colony. At us in colonies it is really accepted to maintain people, and to pay nothing for it.

- Nothing really?

- To me, for example, paid about seven thousand rubles a month. Is that normally? At first I gave this money to children’s homes, but then the administration has not wanted to be engaged in transfer of such small sums. By the way, I, perhaps, was the unique person in a colony which had the labor contract. It has been made after I had been wrote a number of complaints and there has arrived check. They considered that on a colony the Labor code does not extend, and I have proved the return.

- The cleaner of premises of a medical part. On manufacture, despite the fact that what I there constantly asked, me did not take – can be, were afraid, that I and there will start to demand observance of sanitary norms and safety precautions. In the same place it is not present anything! Working conditions awful, in the Middle Ages, probably, and that was better… Prisoners for people have not considered, the labor legislation is not executed. About this Labor code anybody even did not hear, while I have not brought up a question. At me even the answer is signed by the Minister of Internal Affairs that the Labor code on a colony does not extend. It has appeared, very much even extends. Understand, this legal illiteracy of everything, beginning from the ordinary employee of internal armies and finishing the same deputy minister, simply amazes. Also terrifies. The corrective code in a zone was, probably, only at me because to take an interest in it came even from colony administration. And for condemned it is in general newsbytes the dream.

- So you were “pressed” for legal grounded in or for the political?

- I think, that here “coincidence of interests”. Against me arranged provocations, tried to provoke to fight. Placed in not aired chamber of punishment cell, did so that the water drain did not work. Forgive me for naturalism, all excrements simply fell out on a floor, and I had to lie in this dung. When I demanded to repair the water drain, to me answered what to make it there is nobody. Happened, that other condemned forced to that they offended me, intimidated physical violence and even murder. The most interesting, is that they to me then about it also told. Spoke: «Valera, you understand that if we will not make, to us will be the khan. Give publicly we will swear “. I wrote complaints, informed that the colony administration forces people to such actions, and all eventually have understood, that such by to struggle with me is useless. As also concluded to go against me did not want – very many of them I rendered legal aid.

- It was helpe?

- Probably. After all legal aid in a zone practically is absent. I have achieved that condemned time in four months began to give out pair of socks. It is necessary under the law, but to do it anybody even did not think. Thanks to me in a colony there was a library. In Ivatsevichi’s colony it was not, to me have told, that liquidated under the order of the deputy chief – a pier, it not condemned is not necessary. Despite resistance of administration, I wrote complaints; letters to newspapers, people have responded and have sent in a colony about 3 thousand books. In the same place the horrible information hunger, administration for the condemned any newspapers does not write out… Besides, to someone I helped to make the power of attorney, to someone to resolve civil dispute…

- Valery Stanislavovich, on a zone you, probably, named “lawyer”?

- You will not believe, “president”. But it was for eyes, and so always they named me on a name and a patronymic. By the way, in one zone me have accepted for any thieves’ authority. Have looked, that to me steadfast attention from administration, that I of this administration publicly do remarks… They have understood then- prison mail works quickly.

- Letter or on the contrary it was possible to transfer to will?

- The tank, not only letter. Mobile phones carried by, other things which are forbidden. There would be money. But I always tried to operate within the limits of the law, and if it was necessary, transferred texts in words.

- It is known, that you conducted notes in prison, but a part from them at you have stolen.

- Have stolen the most part of my notes and a situation has arranged so, that theft was made by one of the condemned. My things have put a pier when me have put in punishment cell, in an office at the chief of group. An office has opened, have stolen products and my records. However, the same condemned on which have hung up theft, has told to me, that there was a simple performance. It is same full absurdity! What for condemned ten kegs of a paper?

- You are going to restore notes?

- Certainly, I will write the book. Its working name – “Prison notes”, but it will be the book not only about a life in prison. It is still early to go into details, but, I think, that I there will enclose the soul. Besides, I am going to write two scenarios for films.

- And who will remove them?

- I think that it is necessary to carry out any joint project, while it is all in plans. The film will be art on a documentary basis. It is necessary to search for means, but, I will repeat, while it only plans. As my late father liked to repeat: “the God Will give day – the God  will give and food.

- On funeral of the father you from prison have not released…

- Start up it remains on their conscience. First of all after an exit from prison I from – was corrected on grave of the father. For me it there was the greatest tragedy when I have learnt about his death and when to me the colony administration has told in the beginning, that I can get on funeral (they even have already prepared documents), and then have declared, that me anywhere will not start up – here it was really blow from them!

- Now do you  correct health?

- Not without it because recently at me the heart began to play pranks. For two years of a finding in prison to me refused in any medical aid. Have once tried to survey, but have there and then told, that anything terrible is not present. Told, that in this respect there was a private order. Plus to it it is absolutely clear, that the prison of health does not add.


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