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July 7th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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It is hot in the street, still more hot at court of the Moscow area of Minsk (photo)

It is hot in the street, still more hot at court of the Moscow area of MinskOn June, 6th from different cities of Belarus there have arrived people to support Alexander Kozulin’s by presence, litigation over him has begun in court of Moscow area of Minsk. Unfortunately, a considerable quantity of people have not passed in court for the formal and far-fetched reasons – there are no places in a court hall. Diplomats: ambassadors of France, Germany, Latvia, the Great Britain, Czechia and others – have started up in a hall with the big difficulties. Alexander Milinkevich, Valery Levaneuski, Alexander Vasilev, Nikolay Statkevich, many visible political and public figures, leaders of enterprise movements, journalists have not passed even in a court building.

It was technically possible to organise possibility of placing of all wishing to be present at court session, but it it has not been made for not clear reasons. It is necessary to get used to thought, that the openness of judicial sessions at us in Belarus exists only on a paper.


- Valery Levaneuski and Nikolay Statkevich’s meeting about a building of court of the Moscow area of Minsk
- Come on court try to pass in a court building
- Diplomats of the European Union countries try to pass in a court hall.
- Alexander Milinkevich too do not start up in a hall of judicial session.
- Leaders of enterprise movement of Alexander Makaev and Alexander Vasilev too have not started up in a court hall.
- Small press conference about a building of court with participation of the witness, the participant of criminal trial Oleg Volchek.
- Interview of the ambassador of Germany in Belarus Martin Hekker.
- Alexander Milinkevich’s interview.
- A photo for memory: Alexander Vasilev and Nikolay Statkevich.

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