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July 12th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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Now and in Ministerial council know the recipe of dishes – “Communal grave” and “These eyes opposite”

Valery Levaneuski continues to bring up questions on a poor-quality and bad food condemned and prisoners, about shortage and plunder of the products intended for a food of “convicts”.

Problems has collected much, to solve them it is necessary. The theme of this reference in Ministerial council of Belarus is devoted that even 70 gramme meat of fish poorly put to “convict” in day enigmatically disappear and do not reach a plate of simple condemned or the prisoner.

We result endurances from the given reference:

To the chairman of Ministerial council of Byelorussia

About necessity of portionly deliveries of meat, fish condemned, serving time in the form of imprisonment and to the persons held in custody

From May till October, 2004 I contained in pre-trial prison of prison №1 of Grodno, subsequently served time in the form of imprisonment in corrective colonies-19,22, pre-trial prison-1 of Minsk, pre-trial prison-6 Baranovichi.I has visited for 10 days Republican Hospital of DYNES of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB.

The real state control over activity of administration correctional facility and pre-trial prison is absent. Unreasonable closeness of system creates soil for various schemes of abusing official powers.

So, for example, condemned, to the person taken into custody, according to norms of the food, the confirmed Government of Byelorussia, it is necessary to give out one together with food of fish of 70 gramme and 70 gramme of meat a day.

In any colony, prison, the put meat or fish to prisoners does not stand out. I was convinced of it on own experience, and about it speak all condemned which I met in various pre-trial prison, prisons, colonies for two years of serving of punishment. For example, in corrective colony 19 in submitted food even the meat smell was not. As to fish it was not at all or instead of fish gave out 20-30 gramme of self-made paste from goals and tails of the small fish under the name “communal grave”. Some condemned named such fish dish «eyes opposite». The name itself occurred, since the fish eyes which have not passed through a rough prison meat grinder looked out of paste.

There is one more fish dish which is very extended in all correctional facilities are an ear (fish soup).It onsists an ear of 500 grammes of water and sometimes in it something floats similar to the fish head or a tail. It is more there than anything is not present.

From all correctional facilities where I have visited, only in corrective colony 22(Ivacevichi) sometimes to me there was in a portion of meat of 20-30 gramme and 70 gramme of fish. In other colonies, prisons, pre-trial prison absence of the put meat and fish in “ration” is a norm. “Soldering” – something similar to the food prepared on nutrition unit of state corrections, pre-trial prison, given out to prisoners 3 times a day (a breakfast a dinner and a supper).

All my complaints and statements on these questions remained without consideration or were rigidly stopped. Why meat and fish do not reach a table of prisoners? The matter is that nobody is interested in it, except prisoners.

There are many schemes of plundering of the foodstuff intended for condemned, both before reception by their correctional facility, and after their receipt on nutrition unit (dining room) of state corrections. If this theme interests law enforcement bodies I am ready to share the notes in this occasion. But I think that these schemes are not known for all. Other question that wishes to be engaged nobody in this problem. The result is unpredictable, and influential enemies can be acquired much.

I consider that the problem should be solved in a root, at level standard act or legislative act. It is necessary to clean soil for abusing.

The first, what it is necessary to enter is individual meat and fish delivery to prisoners. Technically to make it simply since many state enterprises food and a process industry with pleasure will accept the state order for manufacturing portions of products and half-finished products for prisoners (sausages, cutlets, the fish sticks pressed in cubes pieces of meat or fish, etc.). The given portions will be the certain size, quality, weight, and will make plunders of such products much more difficult.

The second, it is necessary to concretize, that should arrive in food to prisoners -are 70 gramme of the fish goals and tails (waste) or the fish meat, a certain grade quality. Fish today for prisoners buy more often that, that it is intended for forage of cattle or a waste from processing of fish so is cheaper.

The third, it is necessary to organize public control over dining room work, a bookmark of meat, fish and other products (grouts, a potato, vegetables are pawned in two-three times less from the put volume). The volume and weight of a final portion is reached at the expense of water at cooking by the condemned. Public control can be carried out by means of the condemned. I repeatedly tried to organize public control over it in corrective colonies -19, 22, but have encountered the most severe resistance and a great deal of trouble from administration of the given establishments. Cooks in state corrections is a separate sick theme, as a rule, “convicts” deprived of civil rights without the vocational education, not receiving a z/payment, are not familiar with elementary rules of hygiene which do not have sanitary books.

Many of “cooks” and the persons involved in cooking have not passed at all appropriate medical inspection. It is necessary to consider and unsanitary conditions in table, cooking and washing premises, shortage of ware (the ware from which eat condemned, remained even from war), absence of washing means, the dishwashers, the appropriate control over cleanliness of ware. Constantly varying casual people, etc. are engaged in bread and food distribution

In a year 50 000 condemned should use on norm of 1 277 500 kg. of eat and as much fish, that in transfer into money makes about 7 600 000 US dollars. By my calculations, meat and fish reaches to condemn no more the one sixth part of a portion from put, the rest, for the sum of six millions dollars of budgetary money somewhere “is dissolved”.

Norms of a food according to p.3 item 94 of criminally remedial code are established by Ministerial council of Belarus.

In connection with the above-stated, I ask:

1. To consider the problem about individually meat and fish delivery condemned, serving time in the form of imprisonment and to the persons taken into custody.
2. To oblige DYNES of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB to acquaint under a list of all condemned and the persons taken into custody with norms of a food, established for them the Government of Byelorussia (99 % of this category of persons do not know these norms)
3. To oblige DYNES of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB to strengthen the control over an investment of fish (instead of the fish waste) and meat in cooked food for the condemned. To establish rigid qualitative and high-quality frameworks on bought fish for a food of the condemned.
4. To take the measures established by the law on the termination of the infringements specified above in the given statement.

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