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June 20th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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A.Kazulin has received the “forbidden” regulations

Earlier we informed, that to Kazulin illegally limit his right to acquaintance with its rights which are stated in regulations. According to Valery Levaneuski, practice of withdrawal of the correspondence of the accused A.Kozulina is illegal, since restrains not only its rights, but also the right to correspondence of the person who have sent the letter. In this connection, V.Levaneuski has sent 29.05.06 letter addressed to chief of pre-trial prison-8 of Zhodino in which asks to inform destiny of the letter sent by A.Kazulin (the letter text below).

In case the letter will be withdrawn by administration of pre-trial prison-8 of Zhodino and not given out within three days (terms are provided by the law), Valery Levaneuski is intended to appeal against this withdrawal in Office of Public Prosecutor, in court and in Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of RB.

The answer in which he informs that after certain drudgeries have given out to him regulation, and in particular has come from A.Kazulin:

Dear Valery Stanislavovich!

To you I am sincerely grateful that you set an example very much and very many as it is necessary to struggle for the rights of citizens and as they can be defended in the conditions of dictatorship.

Regulations and the law “About an order and conditions of the maintenance of persons under guards” I , thanks to your persistence and skilful actions, have received. i have received today 6.06.06. All in full 46.

Before I with the big work a could to familiarize with the Law, and concerning Regulations to me at first the big prison chiefs have promised, but after consultations of the higher heads from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to me has been given up because it appears regulations are confirmed by the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs and are ДСП. I.e. that should be a subject of constant using appears coded for ЛИУ, held in custody, but also for employees of pre-trial prison.

Therefore I completely support your actions that the law and Regulations were in each chamber that the persons who are in custody, knew about the rights and many possibilities and could achieve strict performance of the law and defend the human advantage.

We already understand features of penitentiary systems in our country enough, and it is situation display in the state and relations of the power to the people, to the separate person. The power will change, there will be a power change more truly, and the relation to the person of the citizen will change. Then there will be inevitable motions and changes in all society. When spirituality and universal values, instead of self-interest, a trough, a post … from an animal condition with an animal grin in which the whole country stays, thanks to diligence of separately taken dark person, it will be long necessary to depart … and in it, in overcoming of consequences, in consciousness change – the main thing becomes the base.

Many citizens of Belarus, that not realizing, being on a freedom, stay in prison. They are not free and limited in many respects, first of all, in development of the person to all of us the god, the rights of free will, the option, are deprived many-sided nature and variety of the world.

The main problem that human advantage is trampled, crushed, and for a large quantity of people it becomes norm.

Therefore all country steadily turns to a huge zone where on concepts to live easier and easier, than to lean against the law, justice and morals.
Therefore corruption has reached the improbable sizes and has already state character, and the judicial system turns to dismantling on concepts and is the tool of suppression and heterodoxy prosecution.

Yes, with all to find fault everybody it is impossible, but the sucking in system or will get rid of fair and conscientious people, or they become small screws without an internal core and without principles. And defects of the governor become defects of its subordinates …

Therefore I am very grateful to you, Valery Stanislavovich, for support, for principles which you have also which publicly show, and without fear these principles to lose.

To all of us people who already simply cannot live in this atmosphere of lie, rage and falseness appeared very important and shown. Them as small luminaries, the society not at once, but will notice.

Therefore so the personal example is important, especially, when in these conditions people endow the well-being, the health, but on another they cannot any more since to breathe in this stench not only it is difficult, and becomes fast simply incompatible with meaning of the life.
Small luminaries are necessary to be search, notice, unite. You look, the big torch has appeared, look, light will start to get into consciousness and will start to disseminate darkness …

We do not search for the blessings for ourselves, and we fight for general welfare, the future country … on it stood, and we will stand, and anybody from this way will not curtail us!

Once again many thanks.

To chief of pre-trial prison-8 of Zhodino
Soviet 22б, Zhodino, 222160,


Levaneuski Valery Stanislavovich

About granting of the information on my correspondence with accused Кazulin

I send the certified mail (the z/letter №1084 from 29.05.06) to the accused Alexander Kozulin with investments:
2) the law of Belarus «About an order and conditions of the maintenance of persons under guards» on 18 sheets.
As I was convinced on experience REGULATIONS of INVESTIGATORY INSULATORS of CRIMINALLY-EXECUTIVE SYSTEM of the MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS of REPUBLIC is very “confidential” book and it carefully hide from accused, placed in pre-trial prisons though, under the law, are obliged to provide presence REGULATIONS in each chamber of pre-trial prisons . The reason consists that if the accused will know the rights, administrations of pre-trial prisons will break right accused, taken into custody more difficult, to make tortures and mockeries. When I contained in pre-trial prisons prisons of №1 of Grodno in May-October, 2004 my rights were broken repeatedly and daily. And, infringement of the rights accused in pre-trial prisons often borders on crimes.

In connection with the above-stated I ask:
1. To ensure to A.Kazulin my letters in the terms provided by the law.
2. In case of withdrawal of my letters or investments to notify me in writing (for the appeal of such actions). On the notice on withdrawal I ask to apply a copy of the Certificate of withdrawal of the letter
3. To inform me on date of reception of the z/letter №1084 from 29.05.06 personally by A.Kazulin within 5 days from the moment of reception of the present statement.
4. To provide all chambers of pre-trial prison-8 by REGULATIONS and the law of Belarus «About an order and conditions of the maintenance of persons under guards». In case of need to the help in maintenance of chambers of pre-trial prison with the given acts I ask to inform me with instructions of volumes of the necessary help and an order of its granting.
5. To notify all senders of the letters addressed to A.Kazulin about withdrawal of their letters by you.

29.05.06 Valery Levaneuski

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