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March 17th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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For 6 days Alexander Vasilev is arrested

On March, 17th, 2006 the vice-president of National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, former political prisoner Alexander Vasilev has been arrested by court of October area of Grodno for 6 days.

Alexander Vasilev is the registered long-term observer behind presidential elections of Belarus. Approximately at 9.30 on a way on polling district to it two persons in the civilian have approached and, having presented by employees of KGB, delivered in local police station. The detention reason was that Vasilev ostensibly was obscenely expressed. However employees of KGB could not give the distinct answer, it was expressed by what obscene words.

At 16.00 the court which proceeded no more than 4-5 minutes has taken place. The judge has not considered necessary to listen neither Alexander Vasilev, nor his lawyer, and has passed the decision on arrest of the former political prisoner for a period of 6 days for infringement of item 156 of the Code about administrative offences («small hooliganism»).

After court the arrested person have been placed in the detention centre of District Internal Affairs Department.

Alexander Vasilev considers, that the court decision illegally and this arrest has exclusively political character.

Press service National
Strike Committee of Belarus

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