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May 26th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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Statements for excitation of criminal cases concerning officials of Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus are handed in

The former political prisoner, the leader of entrepreneurs Valery Levaneuskihas raised the question about excitation of criminal cases concerning administration of pre-trial prison №1 of Grodno, corective colony-19 (Mogilyov) and corective colony-22 upon refusal in its acquaintance with materials of affairs about his attraction in to responsibility in and in pre-trial prison and colonies.
According to item 34 of the Constitution of Belarus the state bodies, public associations, officials are obliged to give to the citizen of Belarus possibility to familiarise with the materials mentioning its rights and legitimate interests.

Each citizen has the right to familiarise, and the official is obliged to him to give access to documents and the materials, directly concerning its rights and legitimate interests if there are no restrictions established by acts.

According to item 204 of Criminal Code of Republic Belarus – illegal refusal of the official in granting to the citizen of the documents collected when due hereunder and the materials directly mentioning its rights, freedom and legitimate interests, or granting to it the incomplete or deliberately deformed such information, entailed causing of essential harm to the rights, freedom and legitimate interests of the citizen, -
Are punished by the penalty or right deprivation to occupy certain posts or to be engaged in certain activity.

Valery Levaneuski repeatedly in corrective colony-22,19 and pre-trial prison-1 made answerable (with current legislation infringement) on formal and to at times forged documents (installed in punishment cell, deprived of parcels, transfers, appointments, possibility to buy products in prison shop, etc.). Administration of state corrections illegally refused to Levaneuski and his lawyer in the right of acquaintance with materials of affairs about imposing on me of collectings, than has done essential harm to the rights and legitimate interests of Levaneuski V.

In this connection Valery Levaneuski has handed in in corresponding Offices of Public Prosecutor of the statement for excitation of criminal cases business under item 204 of Criminal Code of Belarus concerning officials of corrective colonies-22,-19 and pre-trial prison prison №1 of Grodno forbidden to him and his lawyer gets acquainted with materials of affairs about imposing on it of collectings.

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