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May 29th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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At Zhodino’s pre-trial prison there come uneasy times …

Valery Levaneuski has sent the certified mail (the z/letter №1084 from 29.05.06) to Alexander Kazulin REGULATIONS of INVESTIGATORY INSULATORS of CRIMINALLY-EXECUTIVE SYSTEM of the MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS of REPUBLIC Belarus (ПВР) on 28 sheets and the law of Belarus «About an order and conditions of the maintenance of persons under guards» on 18 sheets.

As Valery Levaneuski was convinced on his own experience it is very “confidential” book and it carefully hide from accused, placed in pre-trial prison though under the law are obliged to provide presence of REGULATIONS of INVESTIGATORY INSULATORS in each chamber of pre-trial prison. The reason consists that if the accused will know the rights, administrations of pre-trial prison will break right accused, taken into custody more difficult, to make tortures and mockeries. When Valery Levaneuski contained in pre-trial prison №1 of Grodno in May, 2004 of its right were broken repeatedly and daily. And, infringement of the rights accused in pre-trial prison often borders on crimes.

Will receive or not A.Kozulin containing in pre-trial prison -8 in Zhodino, this letter, will show time. As it became known from relatives, A.Kozulina’s mail is illegally withdrawn and filed”to the private affair. According to Valery Levaneuski practice of withdrawal of the correspondence of the accused A.Kozulin is illegal, since restrains not only its rights, but also the right to correspondence of the person who have sent the letter. In this connection, V.Levaneuski has sent the letter addressed to chief pre-trial prison-8 in which asks to inform destiny of the letter sent by A.Kozulin. In case the letter will be withdrawn by administration pre-trial prison-8 of and not given out within three days (terms are provided by the law), Valery Levaneuski is intended to appeal against against this withdrawal in Office of Public Prosecutor, in court and in Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB.

Besides, Valery Levaneuski has addressed in Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB with the requirement to provide each chamber in investigatory insulators of Belarus delivery of REGULATIONS of INVESTIGATORY INSULATORS not less often once in week, and in the long term one copy of REGULATIONS of INVESTIGATORY INSULATORS should be stored in each chamber of an investigatory insulator. Valery Levaneuski considers, that administration of pre-trial prison is often artificial creates conditions at which the accused cannot familiarise with REGULATIONS of INVESTIGATORY INSULATORS ,Criminal Code, procedural criminal code and other legal base in the volumes necessary for the accused.

The note: often administration of pre-trial prison goes on such dodge – of the accused acquaint with separate positions of REGULATIONS of INVESTIGATORY INSULATORS (endurance) and forces it to undersign, that it has familiarised with REGULATIONS of INVESTIGATORY INSULATORS. More to read accused of REGULATIONS of INVESTIGATORY INSULATORS do not let, that is law infringement. Or will hang out in the chamber small endurance from REGULATIONS of INVESTIGATORY INSULATORS which does not reflect all completeness of the rights accused and the mechanism of protection of these rights.

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