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November 27th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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Now in a colony it is possible to reach only on foot

In a colony transport movement is closed. We will remind, that earlier, at the desire of the condemned Valery Levaneuski movement of public transport from Ivacevichi to corrective colony-22 «the Wolf holes» has been organized. The colony is on distance of 22 km from Ivacevichi . Road, basically country, is without asphalt. Relatives of condemned which come on appointment, always face a problem how to reach in a colony.

Political prisoner Valery Levaneuski has addressed in various instances with the request, to open public transport movement between a colony and settlement. The request has been executed. But the route has existed not for long since it has appeared unprofitable.

Here what the vice-president of the Brest regional executive committee L.A.Tsuprik in the letter informs to Valery Levaneuski:

«… We Inform, that RUDTP «the Motor-vehicle pool № 14 Ivacevichi» from February, 21st, 2005 on Mondays movement of buses in the regular message on route Ivatsevichi-Domanovo-corroctive colony-22» with departure from Ivacevichi at 9 o’clock has been opened. 10 minutes and arrival back – at 12 o’clock. 30 minutes However, in connection with unprofitableness and an insignificant volume of passenger traffic the given route in coordination with Ivatsevichsky district executive committee since August, 31st, 2005 have been closed.

In connection with absence of necessary quantity of a rolling stock in RUDTP «the Motor-vehicle pool № 14 Ivacevichi», and also additional means in local budgets on financing of socially-significant transportations of passengers, the organization of bus movement in the regular message on route “Ivatsevichi-Domanovo-corrective colony-22″ is not represented now possible. Opening of movement of buses in the regular message on the above-named route not state carriers also is impossible, as in territory of Ivatsevichi area there are no registered individual businessmen and the legal bodies of not state pattern of ownership who are carrying out the given kind of activity.

Transportation of the citizens, visiting condemned, containing in “corrective colony-22″, it is possible to provide with use of buses «the Motor-vehicle pool № 14 Ivacevichi», working on hourly payment, under the contractual tariff in the presence of preliminary collective demands. It is possible to direct demands to department of operation of a motor-vehicle pool to the address: 225295, the Brest area, Ivacevichi, street of the 60 anniversary of October, 1a, or on bodies.: 8 01645 2 16 72, 8 01645 2 16 14, email: parkl4 _ brest. by.

Besides, we inform, that from Ivacevichi through Ry station Domanovo daily carries out delivery of workers to a place of work and back office bus “corrective colony-22″ which, under the arrangement with an organization management, carries out as well bring citizens for visiting condemned ».

Comments: it is very a pity. It is possible to understand representatives of a local executive authority. All costs money. But on the other hand, condemned and their relatives have the right to appointment, and realize it cannot since to reach a colony is problematic. The severe truth of Belarus the-right at citizens is, and to take advantage of it is impossible.

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