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April 14th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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To the lawyer of Levaneuski have not resolved gets acquainted with materials of the private affair of the political prisoner

On April, 11th, 2006 lawyer Alexander Birilov has arrived to the Ivatsevichi’s colony №22 for acquaintance with materials of the private affair of the client, political prisoner Valery Levaneuski.

Materials of the private case of Levaneuski are occupied with 6 volumes and chief of colony-22 has allowed to Alexander Birilov to make extracts only on attraction materials to a disciplinary responsibility (a settlement in punishment cell, deprivations of appointments, etc.). However, in some minutes representatives of administration of a colony have returned and have informed that they have phoned with Department of Execution of Punishments and there to them have explained, that as the lawyer is not the official, he cannot resolve acquaintance with their “confidential” documentation.

But this interdiction contradicts the Belarus legislation – the lawyer has the right gets acquainted with materials of business of the client, including connected with imposing of collecting on condemned in a colony. The complaint to actions of officials of colony-22 will be shortly submitted.

Let’s remind, that the chairman of National Strike committee of entrepreneurs, a member of Council of civil initiatives «Free Belarus» Valery Levaneuski and the vice-president of Strike Committee Alexander Vasilev on September, 7th, 2004 by the Lenin regional court of Grodno has sentenced to two years of imprisonment, with punishment serving in a colony of the general mode. The court recognized as their guilty of drawing of the public insult to the president of Belarus, interfaced to charge in grave crime fulfillment (item 368, p. 2 of Criminal code of Belarus). In a sentence it is underlined, that in a phrase «Come and tell, that you against that at your expense someone went to Austria to have a rest, ski, live happily», printed in a leaflet (the Address in the Internet, contains the insult of honor and Alexander Lukashenkoas advantage. Supervising complaints addressed to the chairman of the Grodno regional court, the chairman of the Supreme Court of Belarus also have not given results – the sentence is left without change. Alexander Vasilev has been condemned also for the organization on May, 1st, 2004 in Grodno mass protest action. In July, 2005 Vasilev on amnesty have been released from the Minsk colony №1.

Valery Levaneuski has been arrested on May, 1st, 2004 for the organization of large meeting against poverty in Grodno, condemned for 15 days of arrest, in a consequence 15.05.2004 has been translated in detention centre of Grodno, and from 18.05.2004 contained in Prison №1 of Grodno.

Valery Levaneuski during stay in the Ivatsevichi’s colony № 22 repeatedly spent long hunger-strikes as a sign of the protest against infringement of its rights and the rights of other condemned. The next hunger-strike the political prisoner declared on January, 7th, 2006 and has suspended on January, 23rd, 2006, then after a premise in a penal insulator it has renewed hunger-strike. The businessman demanded to cancel unfair collecting from colony administration. It was a question of an interdiction for appointment to a family, on transfers and purchase of products to prison shop. In December, 2005 Levaneuski have not released from a colony even on funeral of the father.

Press service National Strike Committee of Belarus

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