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July 5th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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Again “miracles” on Valery Levaneuski’s summer residence or taxes to the nonexistent property

Valery Levaneuski has received one of these days the tax message, that it is necessary for it to pay the tax to the real estate for 2006 for a garden small house in cost 9120000 (nine millions hundred twenty thousand) roubles. Like anything unusual,  but… There is no Small house.

Valery Levaneuski has tried to understand this problem. It appears, at all it is unessential to have the house or the real estate actually, the main thing to be the payer for the nonexistent property. As have explained to Valery Levaneuski on ph. 73-80-95 in tax body, there is “miracle” – the decision of the Executive Committee of the City Council of People’s Deputies №140 from February, 22nd, 2006 from which follows, that all who has country sites, should pay on the average the tax to the real estate, from calculation as for the house in nine millions hundred twenty thousand roubles. And it is not important, that at you there 3 floor private residence for 300 thousand dollars or a small portable structure for 100 dollars, as Valery Levaneuski’s is. In other words, all at whom is not present money to construct private residences on a summer residence, taxes will pay for at whom these private residences are already constructed. Here so our officials have “wisely arrived, having shifted burden of payment of taxes to the real estate for the cottages and private residences on ordinary citizens who presume building unless, that a shed on a summer residence.

The most interesting, that is a characteristic example of “exaggerated” well-being of our citizens. It will not be necessary to be surprised, when we learn on TV, that all our citizens on country sites have the real estate on the 6 hundred parts, at least on 9 million roubles. This well-being even will be documentary confirmed: the general gathering of payment of the tax on несуществующею the real estate from each citizen. So legends are born. More and more citizens confirm: «I Wish to live in television (virtual) Belarus». It, of course, all the lyric poet for now Valery Levaneuski has asked tax inspection and the Executive Committee of the City Council of People’s Deputies to give out to it confirming documents on the property right to the real estate and to specify it where it is. (A statement copy below)…

To the chairman of the Grodno city executive committee


To chief of inspection of ministry on taxes-and-duites  RB  on Lenin area of Grodno


Levaneuski Valery Stanislavovich

6.07.06 I receive the tax message №00002281 from 01.06.06 on payment by physical persons of the ground tax and the tax to the real estate to 2006.

From the given message follows, that I have a real estate for the sum of 9 120 000 roubles on my summer residence (a garden small house).

Owing to article 2 of the law of Belarus «About the tax to the real estate»:

The tax assesses cost of the basic means which are the property or being in possession of payers, objects of not complete building, and also cost of apartment houses belonging to physical persons, garden small houses, summer residences, premises (apartments, rooms), outdoor constructions, garages, other buildings and structures, including, not finished by building.

Because I do not have data on such real estate which is my property or being in my possession as the payer, I ask:

1. To specify, when and under what circumstances I became the proprietor (owner) of such real estate and it is confirmed by what documents.

2. To send in my address of a copy of the documents confirming the fact of presence at me of such property (real estate) for reflexion of these data in declarations and other documents.

In case there was a technical error, ask to send the new tax message in which authentic data on my real estate will be reflected.

7.07.06 V.S.Levaneuski

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