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January 6th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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Political prisoner Valery Levaneuski has transferred a part of diaries to freedom

Relatives of leader of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs Valery Levaneuski have transferred in the Charter’ 97 press centre fragments from a diary of the political prisoner which he has sent recently to a family. In them entrepreneur tells, why administration of the Ivatsevichi’s colony where it serves time ostensibly for the insult of honor and Lukashenka’s advantage, has not started up it on funeral of the father which has died in December, 2005. According to Levaneuski, it has been made in such a manner that does not remain doubts – the political prisoner tried to demoralize and break in one of the heaviest for its moments of a life.


At 11.00 has caused me fulfilling duties of the chief of a colony Karmanovich M. S and has informed that my father has died. Thus there was a major Zhdanov. According to p.1 item 92 criminally remedial code, I have the right to short-term departure from a colony till 7 days in connection with death of relatives or heavy illness. Karmanovich M. S has told that I will be released home on couple of days as they have an experience of holiday of people in such occasion. I have not paid attention since precisely I know that from colony-22 anybody never let out on funeral of the native.

But further all occurred as in a dream. They have allowed calling home. The tube was lifted by mum. I have told to her, that it is necessary to send in a colony the telegrammed and the inquiry on death of the father, assured in October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno. To speak it was very heavy. I could not believe that the father has died.

Then they have told me to be photographed on the certificate (the admission home). Has come to the photographer, he has photographed. Has come political supervisor, has presented condolences.

The most interesting has begun further. After my leaving from the photographer, E.Pishchev (he orders the photographer) has come and has forbidden the photographer to do photos. On the basis of it was possible to assume already, that it is «game”, and anybody is not going to release me anywhere. About 17.00 I have been again caused on a check point-2 and have informed, that all documents have passed and it is possible to write the statement on departure from colony-22. I suggested to write such statement in the afternoon since without it all this “movement” loses sense in the afternoon, but to I have been told, that is not necessary yet. In the evening to me also have allowed to call native – to tell that they while did not meet me.

Nobody released me from performance of labor duties and at 17.15 I have gone for work. So I managed to stay to steam of minutes alone with the thoughts and with the trouble. Having weighed all pro’s and con’s, I have understood, that anybody anywhere will not release me, at least because already could release.

It is necessary to understand motives. On the one hand the chief of group (Zhdanov) honesty prepared documents on short-term departure and himself believed, that I will leave on funeral on couple of days (anyway so outwardly it seemed). On the other hand, what for to major Karmanovich was to speak  (to deceive), that from colony-22 already someone released on funeral, what for senior lieutenant Pichev was to forbid to do a photo (to cancel the order of chief Karmanovicha).

According to other employees of colony-22, Karmanovich hiself 15.12.2005 since morning persuaded the public prosecutor of Ivatsevichi area to “co-ordinate” my permission to short-term departure from colony-22. According to p.6 item 92 of criminally-executive code, the permission to short-term departure for limits of colony-22 should be co-ordinate with the public prosecutor.

Whether there was a performance? I do not know, but that the public prosecutor will not give “coordination”, I already knew …


So it was like that. In the morning I have been caused by Karmanovich M. S and have been informed, that the public prosecutor does not give the consent to my departure since  I have item 368 of Criminal Code, and I am the malicious infringer. The most interesting, that any of these reasons cannot be a cause of a failure in an interdiction on short-term departure.

I have become puzzled. I with the father remains a lot of held back. It is good, that on funeral there were children and grandsons. One thought, that will adequately follow the father to the grave, calmed a little. Though, it is intolerable painfully. Thought, that the father “will stretch” still at least years 5-10. Such impression, that he is alive, and I talk to him …

But we will return to events. While it is difficult to judge, why I as a result have been not started up on funeral, there are some versions. Each of them has the right to existence or as happens – «the truth somewhere in the middle (or nearby) ».

Version 1.

The very first, that has come to mind – over me they scoff. Want me «the roof has gone», wish to suppress me morally. Game in the good and bad official (ВРИД of colony-22 Karmanovich is good, and the public prosecutor of Ivatsevichsky area – is bad).

«They played with loaded dice to me», and then have not started up. In favor of this version speaks the following:

1) an interdiction of field investigators for manufacturing of my photos for the certificate.

2) Unwillingness of administration that for me someone came.

3) Untaken from me at once statements on short-term departure from colony-22 though I about it asked.

4) In the documents, submitted for the coordination, negative my characteristics which on me the administration in the name of Karmanovicha M. S – infringements and as “has hung up” result – «the malicious infringer» are written the public prosecutor only. No any positive moments it is not reflected in documents – that I work, actively I participate in various sections, initiated library creation in colony-22, have begun athletic field building, have allocated for this purpose money from the personal account, etc.

Any document can be made according to what is planned on it the answer. Therefore Karmanovich M. S. 14.12.2005 when he said, that not against I have gone on funeral, already knew, what will be the answer of the public prosecutor.

If it so – it is the most fanatic way of suppression of the person.

Version 2.

Anything human is not alien both to Karmanovich M. S and a management of Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB. Disagreements as disagreements, but the death of the loved one is a tragedy. Even fascists allowed to the enemies to bury the relatives. Karmanovich, having co-ordinate the actions with a management of Penalty Executions Department  of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has really decided to release me on funeral, having forgotten that it, these questions in my case do not solve Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB. They have got used, that them always supported in persecution under the relation to me, and have overestimated the possibilities and forces. These forces did not prove, yet there was no in it a necessity. After the entire main objective – full my isolation – is reached. But here circumstances vary, and Levaneuski can appear for some days on freedom. It to admit it is impossible. KGB mechanisms join – to forbid departure for colony limits through the public prosecutor. That what was  made.

Probably, for Karmanovich it was full unexpectedness since he believed that it the chief and the ruler of destinies. To him it specified his place. He has been surprised, but is short. 15.12.2005 I have asked to make a call home. The answer is not present till now.

Version 3

Officials always are afraid of all. And suddenly Levaneuski do something on freedom, for example, will collect 5-10 thousand persons and will demand the clearing, or will escape, and here elections should declare on 16.12.2005 … It is better not to risk and give up. So the public prosecutor could think.

This version the most improbable since responsibility «in case of what» lays on administration of colony-22 and on the Levaneuski, and function of the public prosecutor is limited only to supervision of law observance by granting of short-term departure for colony limits the condemned.

One is clear, that me are afraid to release from here. Really these people do not have anything sacred. Parts the serial “Yesenin” recently looked. It appears, in well-known People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs, then KGB initially took morons, maniacs, tyrants.  They could destroy people morally and physically remorselessly. Similar, grandsons Dzerzhinsky continue the bloody business begun by it. I will remind, as my business initially conducted KGB, then formally it have transferred to the public prosecutor and in court, then in colony-22. But all the same “iron” Felix’s followers hold all under the control. They are claimed by the present Belarus power.

15.12.2005 Karmanovich has received a rank of the lieutenant colonel …

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