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January 17th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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New Year’s congratulations to political prisoner Valery Levaneuski have sent tens organisations and citizens from the several countries

20 months are in prison on forged charge Valery Levaneuski. Despite efforts of the authorities of Belarus on hushing up of the fact of punishment of far-outers, they did not manage to hide it from the wide international public.

Though A.G.Lukashenka once again declares, that there is in Belarus no dictatorship, for the majority of the democratic public is clear, that it is lie. Otherwise as it is possible to explain, that citizens of Belarus fling in prison for some years only for a poem Chukovsky. If not dictatorship, that, what is it? Or in the democratic countries it is accepted to arrest it for satirical poems? Or in Russia sit down on prisons for Krylov’s fables? Similar, in Belarus business can reach that all who doubts absence of dictatorship, will be shoot.

It is known, what efforts are applied by the governor of Belarus to create democratic image of the country. Carefully picked up Russian journalists it are told whom fairy tales about the Belarus economic miracle and democratic paradise are invited to a conference press. There is no limit of impudence of lie! But how to hide that fact, what people sit on prisons? And for what?

Valery Levaneuski, being in prison in colony -22, Ivacevichi, has received tens letters with congratulations and support from the several countries, including from Belarus and Russia. Letters and congratulations have sent public organisations, diplomatic representatives and even schoolboys from the Russian remote places. All it means that attempts of the authorities of Belarus to deceive the international public have failed.

In the letter to Valery Levaneuski the head of public organisation «International Amnesty» Sergey Anatolevich Nikitin writes:

«I know, that you are in prison for a long time, and in this connection, as you know, the world human rights organisation« International Amnesties »recognised as prisoners of conscience you and your companion Alexander Vasilieu.

My colleagues from the Russian resource centre and me are disturbed by that you are deprived of freedom, and we together with active workers of our organisation collected and we collect signatures under petitions to the president of Belarus with an appeal to your immediate clearing.

In the signed letters «International Amnesty» addressed to the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka it is noticed, that each person has the right to freedom of belief and their free expression, including freedom to extend the information and ideas by all means (article 19 of the General declaration of human rights).

Some Russian rock musicians have joined this action also, – people who support for a long time work of “the International Amnesty» and support human rights. From musicians to you we send letters of support in separate envelopes a registered mail, and we hope, that they will be handed over you personally. Among those who supported and supports you: Alexander F.Sklyar (group Va-Bank), Sergey Tchigrakov (the Siskin and With), Andrey Makarevich (Time machine) and Boris Grebenshchikov (Aquarium).

My colleagues and I welcome preschedule clearing of your companion Alyaksandr Vasilieu, and we hope, that shortly you also we will find freedom ».

From the Russian remote places to Valery Levaneuski write:

«The group of schoolboys of settlement Loknja of the Pskov area has decided to support the congratulation you during hard times.

We congratulate you on New Year’s Holidays! We wish, that New Year has brought for you a justice celebration, a long-awaited meeting with relatives and friends, force, courage and health for the further firmness ».

From a far Siberian city of Tomsk Pahomenka Varia writes:

«I  wish to congratulate you with New 2006, year of your clearing … I wish your of good luck and belief, beliefs that all is not vain and that sometime possibility to live in Belarus and to be in the consent with the conscience will cease to be a feat. Once again happy New Year!»

The congratulations have sent heads of diplomatic representatives of the USA, Germany, Czechia, the Great Britain, OSCE, etc.

These and many other letters and congratulations show, that attempts of the authorities of Belarus to impose to the international public the “collective-farm” representation about a situation with human rights in Belarus are vain. They show, that world community show solidarity with political prisoners of Belarus and does not forget about them, including about Valerii Levaneuski.

On behalf of political prisoners of Belarus and from myself personally warmly I thank all who has shown solidarity and has expressed us the support.

The former political prisoner of Belarus Alyaksandr Vasilieu

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