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September 6th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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Kazulin in prison is tried to poison

The ex-candidate for presidents Alexander Kazulin is tried to poison with various substances and poisons – in it assumes Valery Levaneuski, recently left two-year-old punishment in the form of deprivation the arches, the former political prisoner is convinced of various correctional facilities and prisons of Belarus for “insult” of the President of Belarus.

The chairman National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski considers, that serious problems of Kazulin’s health are connected exclusively with poisons which pour to it in food (administration, officials of prisons on the channels including through condemned – technically it is simply to make it).

Sudden and not clear complications with Alexander Kazulin’s health are quite clear to the former political prisoner, the prisoner of conscience Valery Levaneuski. During punishment departure in various colonies and prisons of Belarus, Valery Levaneuski often as “suddenly” it appeared chained for a month or two to a hospital cot. In real medical aid during these times to it in a pointed manner refused. Probably, they waited for its clinical death. They have not waited. It was impossible. Valery survived, can and that declared long hunger-strikes, refused food intake.

Chairman of Strike Committee is convinced that to it personally, together with food and other ways poured the poisons provoking warm and other illnesses. Because of these poisons Valery Levaneuski from the healthy person, the sportsman, the candidate for the master of sports on boxing by the end of a two-year-old imprisonment term on political grounds, has turned to the chronic patient who hardly reached dining room of correctional facility). Only after clearing 15.05.2006 Valery Levaneuski managed to neutralizes a few actions of the poisons applied to it earlier.

The leader of entrepreneurs, considers, that to health and life of Alexander Kazulin life real danger (provocation threatens death on “medical” indicators, sudden “aggravation” of nonexistent illness, etc.).

Valery Levaneuski offers all foreign diplomatic representatives in Belarus and to medical institutions to demand an independent expert appraisal of health of A.Kazuli, its medical examination, its further independent medical supervision. Otherwise, Valery Levaneuski is convinced, Kazulin will be physically destroyed, poisons or other means developed in the Soviet and Belarus special laboratories.

Taken into custody and persons leaving punishments in the form of imprisonment have under the law the right to paid medical aid and inspections, but to take advantage of this right it is practically impossible. Valery Levaneuski time and again was convinced of it, receiving refusals on requirements of inspection of the health and consultations of a paid basis doctors unaltered to criminally-executive system. Doctors in state corrections and pre-trial prison are subordinated practically completely administrations of Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB, and to Ministry of Health. Therefore diagnoses and inspections of patients seldom reflect the valid picture of illness, and are dictated by operative reasons. Valery Levaneuski often saw, that in pre-trial prisons and state corrections the medical diagnosis is put not by physicians, and operative workers, that the last and do not hide.

The former political prisoner reminds that in the Belarus prisons to write off the person much easier, than a sleeping mattress.

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