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August 6th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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“Convicts” of Belarus will receive the put food?

In the Belarus prisons they will give out meat and fish to everyone condemned and taken into custody. It follows from the answer to Valery Levaneuski from Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of RB №4/L-3130 from 01.08.2006.
In particular, the deputy chief of Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of RB Zhdanovich E.A. in the answer to Valery Levaneuski’s statement from 14.07.2006 “about necessity portion deliveries of meat, fish condemned, serving time in the form of imprisonment and to the persons held in custody (special contingent)” informs:

“… The Department spends purposeful work on the organization of deliveries meat and fish dishes. Now replacement of the out-of-date equipment is carried out, study with experts of food services is spent, the problem on completion of dining rooms by posts managing manufacture and cooks-instructors dares.
… With a view of finishing to data of special contingent the information about norms of appointee a apportion of products and the menu on every day is available a foodstuff in each dining room.
… According to is standard-legal documents in establishments the rigid control over reception of products in dining rooms and their bookmark in coppers is adjusted.”

It, of course, yet not the problem decision, but as they say: – “Ice has got under way”. The matter is that throughout many years Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB in general refused to consider a question about delivery the put 70 gram of fish and meat a day to special contingent. As a result special contingent did not see the products put by it, and meat and fish tons somewhere vanished. Correspondence on this theme between Valery Levaneuski and various state bodies proceeds already long time and here small light in the end of a tunnel is visible. Now it is necessary to finish this question to the logic end. Experience at Valery Levaneuski in it is the great. In 1999 when he had first time get in prison for not authorized meeting, it, having seen those disgraces and law infringements in detention centre, has set the task to achieve changes in the maintenance and a food of the persons subjected to administrative arrest (in detention centers a food was disgusting, transfers are forbidden, infringements of the rights administratively arrested were made daily). As a result of purposeful work, in half a year new rules of the maintenance for the persons, twisted to administrative arrest have been accepted, in the menu of a food of prisoners there was a meat, salads, transfers, correspondence and much of what earlier and could not dream administratively arrested are resolved.

Food problems of special contingent in “zones” – is a theme serious, but not unique. Now Valery achieves from Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB of observance of the current legislation administrations correctional facilities and pre-trial prisons, observance of the rights of special contingent in reception of the put ware contentment, the termination of infringement of the rights to correspondence and giving of references (complaints, statements), observance of sanitary norms concerning condemned and the persons held in custody, the decision of household problems, the problems connected with absence of possibility to work and receive a worthy z/payment in zones, the termination of infringement of safety precautions, etc.

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