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February 1st, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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Chairman of Strike Committee starves in punishment cell

Leader of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs Valery Levaneuski starves in a penal insulator. On it to relatives of the political prisoner was informed by the former prisoner recently released from the Ivatsevichi’s colony №22 where Valery Levaneuski serves time. The prisoner has informed, that Valery Levaneuski starved since January, 7th more than two weeks, then hunger-strike has been stopped and has renewed after the conclusion in a penal insulator.

In punishment cell Valery Levaneuski have been placed for attempt to transfer through prisoners on freedom the complaint to colony administration.

Recently, we will remind, also from the former prisoners the information has arrived, that in a training school № 22 (Icevichi, the Brest area) an order of 30 prisoners have gone on hunger strike the protest against infringement of their rights, and also unfair collecting and provocations from employees and colony administration.

The administration of a colony and the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not make comments on this information.

Press service National
Strike Committee of Belarus

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